Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going, Going - Not Gone!

After having our house up for sale, off and on since late November (with a three week Christmas break), we have decided to take it off the market. So, now what are we gonna do . . . ?

 As you probably already know, the plan was to scale back, size down and move to the boat full time for the upcoming season. Part of that scenario involved moving to a smaller house, something that we could rent out in our absence. After the boat came out of the water, that would leave us free to head south - FLORIDA - for the winter. Well, Karma had different, but even more agreeable plans for us.
Boogaboo IV at Lakefield Marina, Ontario.

 The problem with trying to sell wasn't it's condition or decor, the location or even the price. At least, that's the feedback we got from pretty much all of the showings. From when the house was initially listed through to last week, we had about 15 showings and after the fact feedback from the real estate agents was always positive. Sure, there was a couple of older folks who didn't care for the stairs (we have a side split layout), but they still thought the place was nice and presented well. But nobody was willing to pull the trigger, so to speak.

 Enter Karma. . . Or whatever you wish to call it, but we feel it comes down to the fact that the house simply wasn't supposed to sell right now. Why that is, nobody can say. When we figure it out, I'll let you know ;-)

 In the new reality, our kids have decided to come on board with our plans and would love to take the house over in our absence. Currently renting in an apartment, they have grown tired of the location and with a little one of their own, feel it's time to move on. So, they get our place - a whole house, real yard and 90% of our stuff. Hey, where we are gonna be, we don't need a dining room table, couch or large flat screen TV, so they can have it. The boat is fully equipped for comfort, and Florida will see us in a furnished condo.
Florida - a view of Palm Trees, water and Sunshine :-)

 Hold that thought - I should have said condoS with an 'S'. Our best case scenario is to head south for 5 - 6 months from November to March and set it up so that we can hit two or three different locations for a month or so at a time. This new life of ours is supposed to be an adventure and I don't want to be stuck in the same old, same old. Moving around a bit will add to the fun and keep it fresh!

As singer/songwriter Marty Nickel sings;
I wanna be where the land meets the sea,
The sky rolls on forever,
Boats sail into the harbor,
Take to where there's salty water. . .