Thursday, December 20, 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend Boat Trip to TheWabic Restaurant

For the 2012 Canada Day long weekend, we headed up to The Wabic, a small restaurant on the Severn River. We had boated past this place many times over the years, but never actually stopped in. Well, it was a good call, as we really enjoyed it. so much so, that we visited again for the Labour Day long weekend. That turned out to be the best weekend of the summer, by far. I'll be posting lots of fun from that event in the future . . .

 Before heading out, Jimmy staggered, I mean walked, over to wish us well before he & Marg left for their fateful boat trip to Georgian Bay. See the video below to find out what happened.

Jimmy's boating accident;

Bill dropped by, as well. Hey Bill, you might be putting your ship up for sale next year?? Say it ain't so . . .

I took these next few sunrise shots on the Friday morning of the long weekend, before heading back home and to work;

Pretty, eh?

I captured the sun rising and reflecting off the calm water - a perfect picture frame for the bow of Boogaboo;

Northward bound along the Severn River on Saturday morning;

Sit back and enjoy this 24 minute long trip up to The Wabic;

We have arrived;

Anchor Girl checks out the surroundings;

It was so windy when we got there that the dock we were tied to was actually being pushed sideways. So much so that the boat on the other side was almost hitting the next boat over. We ended up having to jamb both our boat (to the left in this picture) and our neighbor (to the right) as close in to shore as possible. We then had to tie off to the shore dock to stabilize the docks!

The 'On A Roll' crew joined us as well;

Went for a dingy ride over to the Severn Falls town dock;

There is a small grocery store, complete with LCBO Agency outlet at the town dock;

Here's a shot of the restaurant deck from our flybridge;

I'll tell you this, if you go in really hungry, you will come out satisfied. The portions are huge and the food is all home made and REALLY good!

A look around the restaurant. A quaint spot;

First time I had one of these Flying Monkeys beers. Tasty and bottled locally in Barrie. Plus, the logo 'Normal Is Weird' feels right, too ;-)

You can see how close we had to squish into our neighbor;

A beautiful look of a beautiful setting. And I'm not referring to the docks or the boat ;-)

Ahh, an afternoon on the dock, enjoying a sip of Anchor Girl's piƱa colada - straight from a cup that was 'stolen' from the Deck bar in Fort Lauderdale;

More video from the weekend, complete with live music and a food review;

Monday morning started off as calm and sunny as could be;

Calm is an understatement;

The restaurant is closed on Mondays;

A lovely, slow cruise home;

Anchor Girl gets the lines ready as we approach Swift Rapids Lock;

On A Roll caught up to us in Sparrow Lake;

Severn River;

The weekend ended the way it started, with a glorious sunrise;

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alarming Water Levels

For all of us who boated on Georgian Bay this past season, we already know that the water levels were getting quite low. Well, that was in the summer. Since then, the level has continued to drop at an alarming rate. We are now looking at RECORD LOW water levels on Lake Huron/Georgian Bay. The scary figures were so alarming in fact, that, late in the season the Coast Guard put out something that I have never heard of in a lifetime of boating in this area - a general warning telling boaters to 'exercise extreme caution throughout the Great Lakes!'

Please have a look at my report on what is and what is not happening with this situation. I made this video in hopes that it will lead to awareness and a discussion on the severity of the lake levels. I look forward to your comments;