Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back On The Water Again :-)

Wow - TWO new visitor comments on the LogBook! Glad to read that our little adventures are inspiring!! Believe it or not, that is why I keep doing this. Spreading the word & hopefully adding a little inspiration to you all to get out and ENJOY LIFE :-)

Ed - make sure you leave us a link to your blog when you get it up and running. I'd love to check it out.

SweetM3 - all I can say is that we love the Sedan Bridge and are very happy with it. After having three previous Sea Ray Sundancers,  I can't see myself going back to an express style of boat. Something about sitting up on the flybridge . . . Let us know how you make out.
(A little hint in your search; look south of the border for the deals)

 Keep those messages coming - they are most inspiring TO ME!


Well, after long last, we are back on the water. Back to enjoying those Friday evenings on the boat & dreaming about getting away once the weather warms up a bit.

Going away - what the heck am I talking about? We don't even have the water turned on at the slips yet, so I might be rushing things somewhat.. Still be needing Mother Nature to send us (and the service team at the marina) an indication that we won't see any more freezing temps at night. Something about freezing temps and freezing water lines :-(

 That said, Anchor Girl & I were lucky enough to spend the entire weekend on the boat & I was able to fill our fresh water tank before the boat went in, so we should be good for this upcoming weekend, as well.

 Here's another shot of our, as of yet, very quiet surroundings ( I think I see 'Docked Wages' down the way);

 And my first video post of the in water season, taken with my phone from the bridge of Boogaboo;