Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Boating Pics of 2011

Here's a few pics from the 2011 season I wanted to share before we start the 2012 year, which will happen in a very short while. You may have noticed that I've posted little or no photos from last year at Everglades Marina. If so, you are correct in that observation.

 Returning to more happy thoughts, here's a bunch from the few weekends we had at the end of the season, up at Lagoon.

 First few I took looking around from the flybridge;

 See the rising full moon? I got a couple of good nighttime shots from this vantage point one other evening (shown a bit lower down this page);

Here comes Bill & Joan;

Same boat, different evening;

Yet another wonderful sunset I was able to witness. Hopefully we'll get down to the beach this summer to capture some sunsets over the lake;

I took these next three tripod shots with a very long exposure setting (15 seconds) on the camera;

Great shot of the moon, mist and jet con trail over the lights that are reflecting on the still water;

A misty Boogaboo;

Getting late in the season, with everyone in sweaters and jackets;

Poker Stix (Sticks?) coming back into the slip;

A foot warming fire ;-)

These next few are taken at the fire pit, looking across the lawn towards the river;

Anchor Girl & Jason starting a fire;

Back at the boat on a still evening;

 Jimmy, coming back from an afternoon fishing trip;

Sparkly wheels & a shiny boat. Looking forward to our first full year here;

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Just In!

Great weather or what? I'm working on building a new house right on a waterfront location in Keswick and watched the last bit of ice melt away in Cooks Bay yesterday under sunny & HOT skies.

Boogaboo is booked to go back in the water for the upcoming long weekend!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Bay Pics of 2011

Hey! I'm lovin' all the great messages left on the Log Book lately!! Glad you regulars are enjoying what one of our boating friends refers to as 'Winter Band Aids', with all the reminiscing from the summer to get ALL OF US through the winter.
 And, I'm always happy to see new visitors dropping us a line to say hi & let us know they've dropped by! Good to have you on board & look forward to hearing from from you again in the future:-)

 Anchor Girl & I took a spin up to the marina today to check on the boat and the ice conditions. For those of you who haven't been up Lake Simcoe much this winter, the main part of the lake didn't freeze over until the second week of February - the latest I've ever seen that - and broke up a couple of weeks ago when we had those many days of high winds. As of today, Cooks Bay (south end of Simcoe) is still covered in ice, but looks like it'll be gone this week. The marina at Lagoon City still has ice, but there is lots of open water all around & everything should be open and ice free this week.
 Good news is, with all this favorable weather, that we are looking at  an early launch this year!! Given the fact that Boogaboo is on land and strategically located right next to the launch ramp, I've scheduled it to go back in the water the first week of April, so that we can be back on board for the first long weekend of the season!!
Bring it on!

 Today's post will take us through the last part of our 2011 Georgian Bay travels. I hope you enjoy it.

Back at Henry's on our return trip. Juts one more glorious evening on Georgian Bay;


This is the cottage across from Henry's. See the flag pole in front? Well, it's actually depicted as a 'flag staff' on the nautical charts, which is different from a 'flag pole' - but only up close :-)

My lovely Anchor Girl, dipping her feet in the water;

A couple of float planes from Georgian Bay Airways preparing to depart;

Here's those same two planes from the above photo taking off . Plus a really nice view of a summer evening at Henry's;

Nice sunset;


Anchor Girl thinks the steps to the flybridge is a sitting area. Actually, it is surprisingly comfortable to sit there;

While here, we happened to see Brian (from Keswick Marine) bringing his new boat home from the States. He was accompanied by his brother & Peetah and they stopped in for us to take the grand tour of the boat. I remember that it was VERY hot that day!

During our stay at Henry's, we got out a number of times on the dingy to explore the little bays and waterways of the Massasauga Provincial Park and the Moon River Basin. You already saw our adventure over to the Moon River Falls in a previous post. On another trip, we explored a few of the 'Anchoring Bays', including 'Jenner Bay'. Here's some video;

A little sumpon-sumpon from 'Three Finger Bay';

One more photo from our (previously posted) dingy trip to Moon River Falls;

Very nice;

Summer. Nice.

All good things come to an end, and we left Henry's the next morning;

As this would be our last day on The Bay for the season, I was gonna drive back real slow . . .

Slow driving or not, we was back at Honey Harbour too soon;

The Picnic Island store & gas dock in Honey Harbour;

Rounding 'Turning Rock';

This is the calmest conditions we had ever encountered on Severn Sound;

The north cardinal buoy closest to Port Severn. Unbelievably calm waters;

Unfortunately, those calm conditions wouldn't follow us into Lock #45. Here we are approaching the highway #400 overpass & the lock behind it;

Oh. Calm waters have been replaced by a very strong current at the bottom of the lock. We had to hover in these conditions for roughly 40 minutes. Not a fun thing to do in a small, congested area surrounded by rocks and other drifting boats;

Safely at the blue line, waiting to enter the lock;

Does my wife appear stressed out in this shot? The answer is 'yes'. You gotta watch the video below to get a feel for the approach to this lock. Definitely the least favorite lock to pass through - by far;

Here we are with ten minutes of fun passing through the lock at Port Severn;

Look at that. We made it through without loosing any fingers or anything. Well, a little scuff of blue line paint on the side of the boat, but that was easily buffed out;

Here it is. I like to call these little abrasions 'Memory Marks' :-) Heck, if we never left our slip, we'd never have all our great memories from our adventures;

The dock at Rawley Resort in Port Severn. A nice, 5-star inn which is our traditional 'last night' place to stay and go for dinner in their restaurant. And they even let in people dressed like me;

One last beautiful sunset for our holidays;

At least I wore a nice Hawaiian shirt for the occasion;

Even got the moon in this pic;


Here's a clip I took the next morning before we headed on. I told you it was worth it;

Back on the move along the Trent Severn Waterway;

13 minutes to ride back up the Big Chute Marine Railway. We couldn't have timed it better, as we simply drove right onto the car - no wait at the blue line. Counter that with our 2009 return when we had a three hour wait to go over;

Let's go up Lock #43 at Swift Rapids;

Here's a two hours worth of travel through the waterway - compressed into a 9 minute video;

A nice shot of Boogaboo, taken from the 'Over Doo' crew docked at 'The Wabic' restaurant;

Approaching the last lock, #42;

The Narrows on Couchiching. That means we are almost home;

Back at Pefferlaw, entering the break wall and on to our marina. This was one of the last times we entered this way, as we would be moving to Lagoon City in less than a month from when this was taken;

I'll end this trip with a clip from one of my favorite settings, enjoying a spectacular sunset at the Rawley Resort;