Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That Shrinking Feeling - Terrible Customer 'Service'

Here's a video of the exciting shrink wrap removal from Boogaboo, a couple of weeks back. But more on that in a moment . . .

The boat was launched last week and Anchor Girl & I spent most of the weekend aboard, cleaning and putting stuff away. It was a bit of a hiccup at first, as our new docks hadn't got the shore power hooked up right away, but we were happy to get full juice late on Friday afternoon.

 That was the good part.

 I had an 'interesting' talk with one of the new owners this past Monday to see when we could expect to see the gas dock - specifically the pump out - available. Without going into the specifics of the un- f****ing believable reply I got, let me just say that all of us 'guests' of the marina should check to see what services AND WHEN we should expect with the new team in place. I was NOT happy with both what I was told and the way I was told. That's right, my friends - TOLD!

 Now I know who owns the marina, the docks and the electricity. Because I was told.

 Not to fear, I've already received assurance that Lagoon City Marina WILL be open this weekend to provide full service to all boaters.

 On to the video;