Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sea Ray Factory - A Ray Of Sunshine

 Paul - when are we gonna see the next update on this site?

 Soon :-)

 Ya, you've heard it before, but I have been REALLY busy with work - so much so that a well deserved break was in order! So, what better than to head down for some sun rays and Sea Rays in hot southern Florida and walks along the beach? I'll tell you. How about a week on the beach PLUS a guided tour of the Sea Ray manufacturing plant to see where my boat was built?!?!?

 So we did. And it was great!!! Lots of pics and videos of the BIG boats down there to follow.

Soon. . .

Sea Ray manufacturing plant, in Palm Coast Florida

And you're gonna get a real kick out of the welcome they had prepared for us when we arrived here :-)