Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Bay

~ Part Four of the Big Boat Delivery HOME From Michigan to Lake Simcoe ~

 During our travels of 2010, we were introduced to yet another great anchoring bay on Georgian Bay - this one called Wani Bay, or one of about 218 places on The Bay referred to as Hole In The Wall - but don't look for it on your charts. This is kinda one of those that you have to be 'let in on'.

 It's kinda off the beaten track and if one wasn't aware of it's being there, it would most likely be passed right by. When studying it on the charts, I thought there was no way we would be able to fit the big boat in the very tight entrance, but Mr. Von Analus assured me we would go (the Water Wings crew had been here before).

I had a request to show where this place is located (exactly), so I'm re-posting the Google map of our delivery route from Michigan to home waters. This anchorage is shown on the map with - what else - an anchor icon :-) Use the zoom tools at the top left hand corner of the map to see everything up close, OR, click on this link 'Sea Ray 400 Sedan Delivery Route'. to really have fun with it. That'sa right, maps ARE fun. . .

View Sea Ray 400 Sedan Delivery Route in a larger map

 Hold on a minute. Before we got there, we had to travel north from Beausoleil Bay. Our initial plan was to spend a night just north of Honey Harbour at an anchorage around the Musquash Channel. There's about a half dozen good places to drop the hook, but all were full. Despite spending a couple of hours driving all through the area, we couldn't find anything and ultimately pressed on northward.

  Driving into the Musquash;

  Passing by Bone Island. Just to the right of this shot is the last spot we checked out - a small, unnamed bay known as 'Hockey Stick';

 North and passing through the 'inside' of Monument Channel;

 Monument Channel Video;

 So, without any luck at our previous tries, Von Analus suggested we check out a spot he knew called Wani Bay. We did. Here's a whole whack of pics from there;

 Anchors set, I just had to take the dingy out to get some pictures of this beautiful spot.
 Here's a shot of our backsides, looking westward towards the Small Craft Route (you can't see it from here, but that's where it is);

 From the flybridge, again looking westward to the sunset. A peaceful, quiet spot;


Video from the dinky;

The next day, we went for a dinky ride over to O'Donnell Point to check out the many, mini islands;

Let's go onto this one;

Cool looking rocks, eh? The moss looking material is actually called 'Lichen' & is a hybrid organism that is sort of a cross between an algea and a fungus.
 Whatever it is, it looks neat;

Not wanting to take any chances with the snakes on the island, Anchor Girl elected to stick close to the dingy and the water's edge;

Looking south west to the actual point of O'Donnell Point;

 Beautiful, clear water;


 If you ask Mr. Analus, he'll probably tell you that he left a little part of him behind here.
 Must be something about long dinky rides . . .

Evening two and we were blessed with a spectacular sunset!

Wani video number uno;

 This was the view from the boat, looking over to the entrance to this bay. A little intimidating the first time through, but manageable nonetheless. And one more part of the great adventure :-)

Here's a zoomed in shot of the above picture, looking at the opposite side of the channel known as Twelve Mile Bay.
 Looks like a Group Of Seven painting to me . . .

More video.
You're welcome;

 Yes, Wevvy, this is the channel where we talked you into the bigger boat ;-)

Rocks and trees. Pretty rocks;

Yes, I know;

 This is what it''s all about, my friends;

Cool shot of the two Rays;

The crews are on deck to enjoy the sunset show;

Don't remember the joke, but Analus seems in a jocular mood;

I should send this photo into the marketing department at Sea Ray;

This is the shot of my boat I was looking for;

More chuckles from the big guy;

Zoomed in to the west from the boat;

Anchor Girl enjoys the view.
 And I enjoy mine.

Next time it's up, up and away as we take off on a float plane to see Georgian bay from the air!!