Monday, August 9, 2010

New Sea Ray is Coming Home

The 'Big Boy' is safely in Canadian waters & Anchor Girl & I are continuing to enjoy and learn all about the new boat. In a word, I can best describe it as 'AWESOME'!!!!!

 As of today, we've put a total of 525 miles on it so far (we are currently in Parry Sound) and you don't want to know how much gas through it ;-) Oh well, we're only this way (life) once and it has been an ADVENTURE!!! The things we've seen and places we've been, including both Lake - and - River St.Clair and a BIG trek across Lake Huron and the big waters of Georgian Bay with stops in Sarnia, Kincardine, Tobermory, and Midland - not to mention a side trip to Flower Pot Island and more than one encounter with the boys from Canada Customs :-) And the fun continues as we enjoy our time on The Bay with our friends from Water Wings and the Maple Leaf, as well as all the new folks we meet along the way.

 As for our little run in with the water cops from Michigan's own Macoumb County Sheriffs Department, the ensuing investigation and subsequent ticket/fine, well that's a story for another day . . . .

 Here's Number Four at anchor in yet another gorgeous slice of heaven on Georgian Bay known as "Hole In The Wall"