Monday, September 28, 2009

All Fired Up!

I'm sure everyone's heard about the big excitement at Crate's on Friday afternoon, with the boat blowing up. Perhaps, but have you seen the videos or heard the first hand accounts? Huh? Huh?

Let's start with a first hand account from someone who was actually there - ironically enough, to look at the (once was) boat in question! Non other than Paul of 'Indian Princess' sent me this insightful insight on the sights in question;

" . . . As you have heard by now, I'm sure, there was a fire at Crates yesterday. It turns out the boat we were considering is the boat that is no more. There was an offer on the boat (ironically enough) form one of my customers, pending Sea Trial. The boys at Crates moved the boat with the travel lift to the usual launch area beside the gas dock and were trying to start it. One of the employees was down in the engine room and another employee was at the helm. The engine backfired a couple of times and then all Hell broke loose. All the employees are OK and
no one was hurt, but you can bet your sweet bippy the adrenaline was off the chart.

I did not have my camera with me at the time of the fire, so I can not show you the amount of smoke and flames but the resin could be smelled from a good 200 feet away. And where was our Fire Chief (Sanja) when all this was going on??????? I am amazed at the speed of the fire, it literally devoured the boat in a matter of about 12 - 15 minutes. The Police Boat - the Wat??????? can pump water from its canon at an incredibly rate, it put the pumper trucks to shame. Never seen that before and I hope I never seen it again. The Hatteras is completely
destroyed as is the 27 ft Thundercraft beside it. The travel lift - well - I don't know how much damage it sustained but all 4 tires blew, one at a time of course, but the rumors of the propane tank exploding are complete nonsense. If there had been a propane explosion, I probably would not be sending you this e-mail. As to the structural damage to the travel lift, I have no idea, are the hydraulic lines serviceable? I have no idea but I doubt it. . . ."

Thanks, Paul, for that great reporting.

One more quick bit of insight on the whole story. We were at the boat Friday afternoon when I got a call from our daughter telling me what she had witnessed. She started the conversation by saying that she had been at home when she heard what she thought was an explosion coming from inside our house! My first reaction was 'Great, looks like we are going to be spending the weekend at home, cleaning up the mess!'. Thankfully it wasn't, but you can imagine how loud it must have been for her to hear it inside our place with the windows closed. . .

As for Fire Chief Sanja & her whereabouts during all this commotion, her duties found her watching over the fire at our marina. You know how things can quickly get out of hand around that joint, especially when the little boys are allowed to play with toys too close to the fire. It's a good thing Debbie didn't see what Graham was up to or HE would be catching some heat. Someone could get an eye out. . . . Oops!

Now on to the juicy parts. Vern - you were moaning about my boring video of the Lake Simcoe Buoy, well here's something a little more exciting.

This first one is what I captured from the A Channel News. It's a little snowy because it was on the boat TV with only a cheap antennae & I filmed it with my digital camera. Cool thing is, after it only being on YouTube for 22 hours (up to now), it's already had 149 views!

This next one I found on YouTube. Brace yourselves, as there is some swear words and an unexpected BOOM! Well, it was unexpected until I ruined for you.

I want to read comments on the LogBook, my friends!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Work

I had to make an appointment to see a customer next Monday when it occurred to me that the date will be September 21st. That's right, the last day of summer.

I warned you all it would come to this . . . .

So, as we head into the final few weeks of the boating season '09, I looked through my pictures from this past summer to find a special one that really said 'Summertime'. Well, the winner for tonight is the one presented to you forthwith, taken - where else - gorgeous Georgian Bay. Chimney Bay, to be precise.

What a beautiful scene! Four boats at anchor with the setting sun reflecting off our bows and faces. Great! It's probably because we all enjoyed so few days of sun this season that I'm going to particularly miss the the warm glow of it all. Sigh.

Too little, slipping through our fingers too fast :-(

OK, enough with the 'downer' stuff. On a lighter note, the day after this photo was taken, these very same boats broke loose of their anchorage, ending up very nearly colliding with three BIG boats that were (securely) anchored down wind of us. But I'll save the details (and lots of accompanying photos) of that unique event for another evening.

Yes, I'll remember this spot . . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wevvy was good enough to send me some pics from the Labour Day weekend. So, here we go!

More fun with the rock climbing wall. Not sure if this fun was climbing it or throwing things at it??

The Commodore and A.G. returning with yet another bag of firewood. Or was that onions?

This picture must have been taken on a different day than the last one, 'cause Anchor Girl has a different top on. As for me, I was still topless;

The whole gang around the fire. Let's see, was this Friday's fire? Or Saturday's? Perhaps Sunday's? No wonder we kept running back to the store for more wood . . . Sure were lucky that our 'Lagoon Buddies' were nice enough to loan us their fire pit ALL weekend!

Must have been a good one, because we are ALL laughing - even Anchor Girl;

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a completely different note, we took a slow cruise up to Orillia last Saturday for a really loud evening. And early morning. Sure am gonna miss going to that place . . .

While traveling up, it was so clear that I spotted the Lake Simcoe Buoy to our port side, so I took a side trip over to get some updated photos. This is the same one that we all hear about when listening to the weather reports on the VHF radio. Now you know what it looks like (again).

If that's not enough for you, we even have a dramatic, albeit highly informative video of this very buoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labour Of Love

Well kids, we're 2 for 2 for the Labour Day long weekend. As with last year, we once again had fantastic weather for the WHOLE weekend! And we sure have deserved it this season, eh? With the sunny, warm & wind calm days we've been experiencing over the past four weeks it is just NOW starting to feel like the beginning of summer - and they start hauling the boats at our marina in less than four weeks :-( <--- That's a 'sad' face in case you weren't picking up what I was laying down). Enough of that, let's get back to the happy parts. A quick reminder for those of you who haven't been playing along at home - the '2nd Annual Doc Crocs Corn Roast Pot Luck Dinner And Fireside Frivolity' (I really have to come up with shorter names for these things) happens on the 19th of this month (2 weekends from now). For those of you that will be visiting from out of town ports, don't forget the folding chairs for the 'fireside frivolity' part of the evening . . .

On with the photos and video portion of today's installment

And remember to CLICK ON THE PICTURES to see them in all their glory

Wevvy & Rich find their way into Lagoon City for the very firat time. First time visiing by boat, that is - it's not like they were lost another time or anything like that;

But the trip must have been pretty grueling for poor Wevvy - he cracked open a BEER as soon as he got there on Friday. Could it have been the ride across the lake? The faulty shore power cable? The fact that he had to dock only two boats from me?

A nice shot of our slips - from dinky height. I'll let you figure that one out;

Rich & Cindy brought a rock climbing inflatable thing to keep the 'kids' occupied. Ya, all the kids had fun on it. Can't wait 'till February to see the video of the big competition!

Here's Rich giving the first set of competitors the details for the competition. See how intently the girls are listening;

As you can see, Anchor Girl was sure to make a graceful exit from the, ah, ride. A little dizzy there, my dear? Maybe we can see that thing at the corn roast & have a cage match! I know - Parker vs Dave in the endurance round! Endurance for the inflatable, that is . . .

Robert & the 'Big Dick' share a laugh with Steven J.;

Ok, so it was a little cloudy on Sunday - but everyone still was having a good time. Steve was smiling on the inside;
Edith, Rick, Cathy & Robert made it through another weekend's invasion from the 'Keswick Taliban'! It must have been Diane's soothing voice;

Lookin' pretty compfy in the retirement there, David;
The Parker Family Singers hit the road for their next sold out engagement;

Finally, here's some words of enlightenment from Mr. Parker;

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Labour Day Countdown . . .

Just a couple of days 'till the big Labour Day weekend at Lagoon City! For those of you who missed it last year (or forgot about this clip), I'm gonna re-share the arrival of 'Getaway II'.

Note Diane's graceful use of the dock lines and bang on launching of same - right into Graham's face! Better bring some protection this time, Graham :-)