Monday, August 17, 2009

Three Weeks?!?!

Greetings from Georgian Bay!

Three Weeks?? Man, that went FAST!

We're all back, safe & sound from the big three weeks trip up to The Bay. Our round trip (including an 'emergency plumbing repair trip' to Parry Sound) was comprised of 350 miles of travel, 9 nights at dock, 13 nights at anchor and 11 bottles of propane for the BBQ.

For those of who aren't sick of hearing about it by now, I'll do my best to put you over the edge :-) With something like 2000 photos and hours of video, we're gonna have some fun seeing it over and over in the coming months. . . . Oh Joy!

A few quick ones for today.

First one is from our anchorage, tied up to Rattlesnake Rock. The 'Maple Leaf', 'Boogaboo', 'Water Wings' & 'SunAria' all snuggled up for an evening of good times & Jackson Browne;

Isn't this a cool picture?? We took this one at the north arm of the north bay of Echo Bay. Yes, that does all make sense if you are familiar with this spot. Just enough room for the dinkies to get through - and crystal clear water;

Vote for Judge Renzi!

This is park ranger Tanner dropping by for his daily look see. As part of the service provided in the Massasauga Provincial Park, these guys actually deliver beer right to your boat! It may not be as fun as firing up one of the anchored boats and navigating through the treacherous, rocky, windy, wavy waters all the way over to Henry's and having to stop on the way back to find out where we were, but Analus & I didn't really feel like yelling at anyone on this particular evening ;-)

Just for fun and to make sure everyone - including me - was paying real close attention to where they were going, we ran into some really thick fog. So thick in fact, that one dummy actually ended up turning his boat 180 degrees and not even knowing it until it cleared enough to see again. Hmmmm, that same dummy has taken measures to make sure that doesn't happen again! At least this year, said dummy didn't get messed up again by that darned birufication buoy on the way to Parry Sound . . .

Today's Georgian Bay video, taken at Honey Harbour;