Monday, July 13, 2009

Deep & Tight

A tight fit through a beautiful channel;
We returned safely from our trip to Deep Bay for the Canada Day long weekend - without spending more than about 15 minutes there. Huh?

Here's the '3-Rays' at anchor right next to Blackfly Mountain;

After a slight change in the itinerary, we ended up traveling well past the Deep Bay and finding a wonderful spot just off the Severn River called Lost Chanel.

I took this shot from high atop Blackfly Mountain. A.G. & me hiked all the way to the top to get this spectacular photo, braving the potential of Massasauga Rattlers and, of course, black flies. Looks allot like The Bay, eh?

Here's a quick video of us heading into our anchorage through the narrow passages that protect (& hide) this pretty spot;


Anonymous said...

Your video about the Narrow Passage is amazing.
Thanks for sharing it.

Commodore Frankie said...

Thanks for the comment - but don't be so shy. A name of some sort would be nice for the guy who posted it (me) :-)

Boogabooster said...

Comment Test :-/