Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's Roll!

The Boogaboo Crew is heading off for three weeks starting tomorrow (Friday), so I'm leaving the rest of you in charge until we get back. Remember, the last one to leave - shut the lights off.

Three weeks poking around The Bay! We have a number of 'would like to get to' spots on the list for this year, but that will be determined by the 'want to kick back & relax' list. Ya, that and the weather & wind. Oh well, we're gonna have a good time, no matter what. . .

Before I shove off, here's another video from our long weekend in Lost Channel. If you look real close, you'll see Analus fishing from his dingy in one of my panning shots. Other than that, the scenery looks pretty much the same as Georgian Bay. To quote Anchor Girl 'nothing but trees & rocks'. Ya, pretty much. And really pretty, too ;-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Deep & Tight

A tight fit through a beautiful channel;
We returned safely from our trip to Deep Bay for the Canada Day long weekend - without spending more than about 15 minutes there. Huh?

Here's the '3-Rays' at anchor right next to Blackfly Mountain;

After a slight change in the itinerary, we ended up traveling well past the Deep Bay and finding a wonderful spot just off the Severn River called Lost Chanel.

I took this shot from high atop Blackfly Mountain. A.G. & me hiked all the way to the top to get this spectacular photo, braving the potential of Massasauga Rattlers and, of course, black flies. Looks allot like The Bay, eh?

Here's a quick video of us heading into our anchorage through the narrow passages that protect (& hide) this pretty spot;