Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello - Summer??

Still waiting for that thing called summer to show itself.


In the meantime, we've been keeping busy (and warm) at The Cottage by running back to our boats for another sweater, or coat or just to make sure the heater was on! Oh well, despite the sometimes frigid temps, I've had a really good time so far this season. And I'm becoming somewhat of an expert at installing electronics and programming MMSI numbers. . .

Of course, we may need another load of firewood before too long, since some 'troublemaker' we know insists on making the fires every night - even in the rain :-)

Apart form battling the cold & rain, we have actually been able to get out on the water - even if only on the dinkies;

Poor Anchor Girl hasn't even been able to work on her suntan;

We met up with Water Wings a couple of weeks ago. This was our second time out on the lake this year and we actually spent a couple or three hours on the water, cruising slowly around Thorah Island;

Check this out. This is made up from two photos that I put together for a panoramic effect. . . . (There goes the firewood);

A couple of video clips for your amusement. Water Wings on a windy (sorry about the audio) May 23rd afternoon;

Myself doing a speed run on Boogaboo Tender. The new radios me & Graham (Graham! Graham! Graham!) got have built in GPS(s) so we can track our speed. I've gotten my little boat up to a blistering SIXTEEN MPH! Cool;