Sunday, May 24, 2009

Change 'O Plans - UPDATE

Note: I've updated this post with a Google Map of the route, from the Atherly Narrows to Deep Bay.

Looks like we're going to make a change to the July 1st long weekend trip plans. Ya, I called Centre Point Landing in Bobcaygeon and they were unable to confirm the slips we would need to accommodate everyone. So, the revised travel destination is going to be Deep Bay, which is just off the north part of Sparrow Lake to do some overnight anchoring.

This location will be closer (& cheaper) to get to/stay at. No, non of us have been there before, but life is an adventure and Lord knows we are all an adventuresome bunch. Well, most of us ;-)

So get your charts out - or head to your local marine supply outlet (I think this chart is only $18.00) and set your sights for this barrel of fun. . . .

We might even head over to scope out some terra firma at Severn Falls or Lauderdale Marina. Maybe even a night at Couchiching or Swift Rapids lock(s). We'll see which way the wind blows us. Check it out - all in all, it's no more than 3 or 4 hours from the farthest reaches of Lake Simcoe.

View Deep Bay in a larger map

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wall Wars

Woeful women; 'Anxious Anchor Girl', 'Depressed Debbie' & 'Sad Sanja' survey the sorry state of SunAria's stalled seasonal sanctuary;

After a quiet, one week cease-fire, the Wall Wars battles started up this weekend. Despite heated last minute negotiations, diplomatic relations were severed between the members of the Dock Crocs & 'The Keepers'. Both groups called upon the efforts of a third party mediator, trying to hammer out a deal, with no luck in moving forward, sideways or downward. Not even one foot downward!!!

Strong, un-neighborly language was heard coming from both sides of the fence. Innocent bystanders were cut down as the volley of threats and counter threats escalated into full fledged mockery.

Desperate measures were unleashed on Saturday night as dangerous dingos descended upon the defenseless derelicts who were forced to dodge delirious doggies! Graham is recovering from his latest traumatic experience.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available. . . .