Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One More From The Bay

I've had this video kicking around for awhile - since last August, to be exact -& I wanted to share it with you all. It was taking up a bunch of space, rolling around my desk and getting it all wet, so I figured I'd put it up here instead. Besides, the cats kept playing with it and I was concerned they might bite a chunk off of it or something. . .

It's nothing too dramatic, unless you find glorious shots of sunsets over Beausoleil Bay and warm, summer evenings dramatic. I do.

This was me taking the dinky back to the Boogaboo at our anchorage alongside 'Water Wings' & 'Maple Leaf'. Probably the final Georgian Bay clip from last year, as the other ones I've posted up here haven't seemed to generate too much excitement from our loyal followers. I thought that we might have gotten at least one 'Woo-Hoo, can't wait to get up to check out The Bay' . . . or perhaps a 'looking forward to an ice cream at Picnic Island' . . . or maybe something like 'looks like a fun ride over the Big Chute / through the Little Chute'.

Oh well . . . enjoy;

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weatherman Blues

Other than a brief time on Friday evening for me to capture another super sunset (above picture), it looks like the weatherman dropped the ball - again. What was supposed to be a sunny and hot weekend turned out to be a cool and rainy one.

Oh well, got lots done around the cottage, including getting all the summer stuff back on the boat. We're pretty much ready to go right now, other than some minor mechanical adjustments and some waxing on the topsides. Sure was good to be back on the boat for the whole weekend!!!

And we weren't without our fair share of entertainment :-) Friday evening we got to watch a helicopter spraying for mosquitoes over the area. No, I didn't hold my breath while it flew directly overhead. Frankly, I'd rather pout up with a short dose of poison than a full summer of mosquitoes. Can't be any worse than the eight years in the body shop business or 25 years of smoking. . . .

After we all got over that bit of excitement, it was on to Saturday's rain storm. I took this one right before the rain hit with the approaching clouds in the background;
A quick note on the above picture. As some of you have already noticed, AG picked up a new flag to replace the old, tattered one. As of right now, that old flag has not been disposed of, as there was some controversy as to what should be done with it. Seems Anchor Girl wasn't too comfortable with my informing her that the proper etiquette for disposing of an old Canadian flag is to burn it. Well it is. Here's a LINK to the government of Canada web site that outlines these sorts of things.

After it stopped raining, the Pefferlaw River had risen to the highest point any of had ever seen - in all the years we have been coming there ;-)

There were so many puddles on the lawn that I had to put down a bunch of wood (the blocks that were used to hold the boats up in the winter) to use as stepping stones. Anchor Girl found this particular one quite amusing. You'll have to wait until next February to see what it said . . .

Finally, here's a shot of me & Graham desperately trying to paddle our way against the nearly overwhelmingly strong current in the Pefferlaw River. As with the last photo, you'll have to wait until February to see just what the heck we were attempting to do.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Thursday April 23, 2009. Our bottoms are wet ;-)

Let the games begin . . . .

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blowin' In The Wind

How many Crocs does it take to save the canvas? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind. . .

Good thing that our own Mr. Wevvy was at the cottage this evening, as the day's strong winds was on it's way to sending the canvas from the gazebo to the bottom of the Pefferlaw River. And we've already had enough from the Dock Crocs (nearly) sent to the bottom of the Pefferlaw River so far this year.

So, if you're in the neighborhood this week & notice the canvas missing - it isn't. It's just in safe keeping until the weekend.

Now, as far as our fence that's now lying in a heap in the backyard, that's a whole different, sad story . . .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just In Case . . .

Just in case you were considering a trip to The Bay this year - or if you are just up for some reminiscing - I put together a video montage of the Picnic Island store & docks in Honey Harbour. If you watch closely (there will be a test), you'll notice lots of A.) Wind and B.) Boat Traffic. The C.) Lots Of Rocks goes without mentioning. Pretend you didn't read that :-)

Any who, for anyone wanting to spend a few days in the area of Honey Harbour or Beausoliel Island, this is the #1/only spot for boat fuel (gas), people fuel (food/gas), pump out, water, french fries and ICE CREAM. All of the above in one spot. Probably why it's always so darned busy. And a real treat to get in and out of! Did I mention the constant wind?


Plus . . . Just in case you are looking forward to visiting Bobcaygeon this summer, we have a clip of non other than Free Bird zooming at break neck speed across Canal Lake back on the July 1st weekend '08. This section of Canal Lake is the eastern part, just past (going that way from here) Bolsover and looking toward the 'Hole In The Wall' bridge.

Finally for this evening, just in case you were waiting for 'someone' to post some more pics from the Labour Day Long Weekend at Lagoon City, I guess you'll have to wait. PARKER!!! In the meantime, here's a video clip of some of us standing around discussing the finer points of dead carp disposal;

As always, your comments, suggestions and photos are welcome . . .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do You Beleive?

OK folks, have I got a freaky ghost story for your amusement and consideration. . . Let me start by saying that the following photos are 100% original & completely untouched (except for down sizing to fit the screen). In fact, it wasn't even me who took them, but our daughter, Jennipher.

And NO, this is NOT an April Fools joke.

Let me next say that, yes, I 100% believe in and fully expect to witness stuff like this in my life. It's certainly not the first time. Remember Orillia, my friends???

As many of you know, Jennipher has a horse that she keeps at a farm just south of Sutton. When she isn't riding her little 'Poop', she's either working there, at another farm or - duh - taking pictures. She gets that from her mother ;-) Incidentally, the farm backs on to the Black River, in case that's important?? Me thinks so.

So, yesterday (March 31st, in the Year of Our Lord, 2009), was one of those 'walk around and take lots of photos of 'whatever'. A couple of the shots were extreme close ups of the eye of one of the horses boarded at the farm. Why the close up, we don't know . . . Takes after her mother . . .

Now, what shows up in these photos might be left to some speculation or scientific investigation, but I'll tell you what we have (thus far) been able to make out. First, I'll show you a couple of photos of the horse, as well as what it was looking towards at the time.

Here's the pretty 'Mayce'. AG just pointed out a freaky coincidence - the horses name is pronounced 'MACY' or May-See . . . . And Jennipher named her. . . .;

Cool horse. Next, here is the view towards which the horse was looking at, at the time of the photos;

Here's the freaky photos. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, here's what this soul reveals - and I think you may actually see another soul. Or two. Or three.


Look closely, open your mind and you will clearly see a little boy - with a bare bum - hanging onto a long log or fallen tree, with a red barn in the background. Look closer and you can see a tree stump in the foreground in what looks like a field of long grass or hay. Appears to be in a autumn setting.

See it? This next one was taken a couple of seconds later. Wanna see the REALLY freaky part? If you compare both photos, you'll notice that the little boy's posture has changed. He seems more relaxed in the second photo, almost as if he was comfortable with Jennipher's presence?? This one's gonna make the hairs on your neck stand on end - look just below the little boy, slightly behind the tree stump & you'll see what looks like a small person creeping along the ground. Compare both shots and he appears to be staring right into the camera - startled in the first shot & somewhat hiding in the second. Almost looks like Gollum from Lord of The Rings. Check it out;

May-See, eh?? If YOU see any more, let us know! There appears to be something just to the left (viewing) of the barn - almost like a large hay bale or something. Any ideas? What does YOUR MIND tell you is there??

And why is the little guy creeping through the grass? Is he there to protect the little boy - or contain him?

Whatever it is that is being reflected from the horses eye - or projected from it - is NOT what is anywhere around where these pics were taken.

One final note about this. We printed off a couple of these photos for Jennipher and found that, when placing them sideways, what appears to be a skull in an 'Indian' head dress appears. Looks like this 'person' is lying on a bed of long grass. . . .