Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thin Ice

As I've recently become known for my uncanny abilities for checking ice conditions - one of my many *talents* - I felt it was my resposibilty to inform you all that Lake Simcoe is starting to open up. With the rain on Sunday, there was some open water already on Monday with even more Tuesday. It sure was nice to drive up our road last night & tonight to see the sun sparkling on open water again!

And, in case you've forgotten the visions of open water & summertime boating, here's a video from last July 5th for you all. This was the evening of our first overnight out on the lake. Beautiful.

This next clip was taken the morning of the next day (huh?). As you'll see, Mr. Wevvy wasn't as excited about the prospect of a morning swim/wake up. I sure was, as I had already gone in for a dip ;-)

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