Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Week, Week One

As of time of writing, it's NOW only one week to Frankie's February Follies Volume Eight!! Did I hear a big HOO-HA on that??

Eight years already, eh? And to think that Billie Sue has escaped serious embarrassment up this point. Hard to believe. Oh well, like all good things, that too will pass in less than a week ;-) (Somebody que the theme from 'Jaws' music) HA!.

Yes, it's been a few days since the last posting here, but your Commodore & the lovely and multi-talented Anchor Girl have been putting the last few touches on the the big event. Plus, it's been really cold.

That said, I'm here with a couple of videos from the year & weeks past. Consider this to be Week One of the 2009 boating season. A boating season that looks like it's going to be one of the best yet. Gas prices are down, we have the deck all done and most of the work has been done around the cottage. And I'm willing to wager that it'll be allot hotter this year, too. Plus, we already have a great long weekend planed to Bobcaygeon. Hey Sanja - got the route all ready for the chart plotter? All in all, much to look forward to!!!

Video numero uno this time around is yet another clip from Georgian Bay. Hey, if you're sick of that now, wait 'till next year :-) This is a simple panning shot of our anchorage at Beusoleil Bay. A different one than I've posted up this point. This was the final evening we were at this spot. And you know what? You'll have only a few days until you see what other embarrassing - I mean FUN - stuff I filmed here that day. I'm bad, I know. I'll pay for that, I know.

Next one is of one of the critters that the aforementioned Anchor Girl was happy to see in the Bay. Not only were we confronted with one these little (about 4') guys when we were at Henry's, but this one was scooting by our boats when we were waiting to head back up the Big Chute marine railway at the end of our holidays;

The last one for tonight is a little clip taken aboard Free Bird. Graham & I went for a pump out & ended up going for a little spin on the lake. This was us coming back into the slip. I had the camera set up on Free Bird's hard top, capturing the ride. A nice reminder of summer and boating;

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