Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Follies 'Head's Up'

A quick note for the uninitiated to the going's on at a Frankie's February Follies;

i.) First and foremost, remember that this is a BOATING party, so dress accordingly. Heck, you can even show up looking like the two fools at the top - or better if you think you can top those get ups. Lou says she's showing up with bells. Not sure what for, but I'm up for anything . . .

ii.) All attendees are welcome to bring their beverages of choice. If you do drink, I would suggest bringing lots, as you'll probably want to be in a very calm state by the time the Ultra Fantastic Year End Video is presented. Or, plan to run out of booze just beforehand, so you don't have to stay and watch it ;-)

iii.) It's a P A R T Y. As the invitations say, there's gonna be plenty of non-stop, loud, toe tapping music to dance to, sing along with or whatever strikes your fancy.

OK, it would appear that a number of our Blog visitors are a little apprehensive as to what they might be seeing, come February 14th. So, for those of you who are willing to enter into the dark side, I have prepared a little teaser clip.

In the sense of fair play, I have taken every precaution to mask the identity of the main character in this little debacle. The video portion of her, aah, or his . . . face has been altered. Also the audio has been slowed down. There, nobody will guess it's you, M _ _ _ _ _. D'OH!!


If you are equipped with a pacemaker or other such life sustaining implements, are faint of heart, weak in the knees or otherwise prone to panic inducing maladies, it is strongly suggested you avoid watching this clip. You have been warned.

One final warning. The full version of this segment (as well as the other five related segments) will be appearing at the beginning, middle and ending of the Year End DVD.

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