Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Winds A Blowin'

For the first time since the boats came out, we headed up to the cottage today to get the out drives off. Ya, that and make sure everything was still standing!

Well, we got the drives off our boats (Docked Wages, Water Wings & Boogaboo) and made sure everything looked secure. Pretty much all was where it was supposed to be. All except for Bob & Lorraine's dock shed. Sorry, Bob, but looks like the wind was a bit too much for that thing, but we were able to rescue parts of it. The main part is down at the end of the channel - right by 'It's All Good'. So, I guess it's a race to see who can get up there to claim it first - you or Dan. HA!

Here's some video of the 'rescue';

And some foolishness from the other thing I videoed. Listen, if you see your boat in either of these clips, leave us a message on the Log Book!

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