Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Winds A Blowin'

For the first time since the boats came out, we headed up to the cottage today to get the out drives off. Ya, that and make sure everything was still standing!

Well, we got the drives off our boats (Docked Wages, Water Wings & Boogaboo) and made sure everything looked secure. Pretty much all was where it was supposed to be. All except for Bob & Lorraine's dock shed. Sorry, Bob, but looks like the wind was a bit too much for that thing, but we were able to rescue parts of it. The main part is down at the end of the channel - right by 'It's All Good'. So, I guess it's a race to see who can get up there to claim it first - you or Dan. HA!

Here's some video of the 'rescue';

And some foolishness from the other thing I videoed. Listen, if you see your boat in either of these clips, leave us a message on the Log Book!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

YouTube Summer

An important update. Some dummy running this thing made an erroneous statement as to the date for Frankie's February Follies Volume 8. The ACTUAL date is Saturday, February the 14th, 2009. Hey, that's Valentines Day! What a coincidence . . . Sorry for the boo-boo, but I got mixed up with the stupid way the datebook in my cell phone is laid out (Monday - Sunday, as opposed to Sunday - Saturday, like the rest of the world does). D'oh!

Carry on. . . .

Through the power and fun of the internet and high quality YouTube video sharing capability, I present my favorite summer band aids. As an acknowledgment of the first day of winter, I wanted to share these beautiful reminders of summer.

If you notice, I'm using YouTube to host these videos, as they can be viewed in a higher quality than the usual Google Videos I've been mostly using up to now. Let me know what you think. Oh, and the funky orange and blue borders were my little additions . . .

The first clip I took with this day specifically in mind - a shot of the lovely sandy beach of Beckwith Island, in Georgian Bay. (Sorry, Paul, still no wind sock ;-)

Video #2 was also taken at Beckwith Island. I had just rowed us to shore (Hallelujah), as I had promised to take Anchor Girl to a sandy beach on our holidays. As this was our last day on The Bay, it was my last opportunity.

This one I took while we were anchored out on Chicken Bay (the gorgeous, sandy bottomed bay just outside of our marina), on July 5th. This was the very first time Anchor Girl & I had spent a night out on the water at anchor! Docked Wages, Free Bird & SunAria also joined us for what turned out to be one of the nicest weekends of the summer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter = Blah | Summer = GOOD!

First off, I wanna say to Dave (TLC) - thanks for rubbing in the whole 'I only have DAYS until retirement.' I know, your just trying to make the rest of us poor working slobs feel bad. . . . HA! Good news, man! I hope all your retirement days are sunny & filled with really good TV watching ;-)

Vern - good to read you are still alive! Geez, for a minute there, I thought maybe it was Mary sending me all those dirty jokes from your email address!!

Finally, Sanja, I see you are a little apprehensive about the big 50 mile trip to Bobcaygeon?? Don't sweat it - it'll be a breeze for your newly learned navigating talents. And great practice for the Georgian Bay trip a few weeks later. And the best part is that if you get off track, the most you're likely to hit on the way to Bobcaygeon is weeds - unlike the sharp, unforgiving rocks of The Bay . . . . D'oh! (Maybe shouldn't have said that - Graham might be reading this).

Good news - this coming Sunday is the first day of Winter - meaning that from then on, the days will be getting longer again!!

And, speaking of The Bay, and with today being a dark, crappy day & last week being so cold and crappy, I figured it was time for another summer band-aid.

So, without further adieu, here's a little something from Georgian Bay.
Check out the Map - and remember you can Zoom in & out of the map, move it around & CLICK ON THE LITTLE MARKERS for pictures and descriptions! Don't forget - there will be a test (in July).

View Larger Map

These pics were all taken at our anchorage in Beausoleil Bay, including the dusk shot at the top. Number one is Mr. Analus casting his rod behind the boat. And he also did some fishing. This is looking towards the north east, with the top of Beausoleil Bay - and Little Dog Channel in the background.

Looking back in the opposite direction, Scotty & Hunter enjoy a sunny day aboard the 'Maple Leaf'. The actual rock of McCabe Rock is what you see on the shore. There is also docking there for about 4 boats. When we were there, there was THREE 30' Sundancers parked on the docks - all the same as Boogaboo & Water wings. Go figure.
Anchor Girl & I took a dinky ride ver to shore for a garbage run. This shot was taken from the top of McCabe Rock, overlloking the Bay. Our boats are off to the right part of this shot. Pretty, eh? Eh?

Todays final shot was taken from Boogaboo, zoomed in to the north part of Beausoleil Bay. See the high rock cliffs? Nice.

This video clip was taken from the same spot, panning from west to east. Sort of.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coming Soon . . .

A real quick note to say that I am working on another update, which will be coming soon . . .

In the meantime, don't forget to look at the little video on the top right hand corner with the FFFvVII reminder! Less than 2 months to go!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ Talk to you all soon ~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2009 Bobcaygeon Rendezvous

The big rendezvous for 2009 has been set for Bobcaygeon on the Canada Day long weekend - July 1st to 5th, 2009. We hope YOU ALL can make it!

This is an open invite for any and all who would like to join us for the extended long weekend and make the trek to Bobcaygeon, on the Trent Severn Waterway. If you haven't already looked at the calendar for 2009, Canada Day falls on a Wednesday in '09 and we thought it would be nice to make an extra long weekend out of it and make a bit of an adventure of it, too.

Soooo, the plan is to leave home port on Wednesday, July 1st, travel to one of the locks of the night - probably Kirkfield Lift lock - then head to Bobcaygeon on the Thursday. The stay over at Bobcaygeon would be Centre Point Landing Marina for Thursday and Friday (days & nights). The only other option would be to stay at the lock there, but there is no water or hydro, so it was thought best to stay at the marina. Saturday would be time to head back towards Lake Simcoe, with a stay over for the night at one of the locks - probably #39, Portage Lock and back home on Sunday.

As incentive & inspiration to get as many to participate as possible, I've put a Google Map together that shows the route (from Pefferlaw) as well as a number of photos within the map. Just click on the little camera icons to see the photos - right where they were taken. You can also 'grab' the map by holding down the mouse to move it around. You can also zoom in and out of the map for more or less detail. For a larger map, just click on the 'View Larger Map' link at the bottom left hand corner;

View Larger Map

As well, I've got a bunch of photos and video clips from the route (the top photo on this posting is Centre Point Marina, taken from the water).

This is looking from the water front deck at the marina, overlooking the boat slips and Sturgeon Lake (great swimming):

This shot shows non other than Paul Von Analus standing on the marina's deck which, as you can see, extends right to the water's edge. They even provide BBQ's for the guests, as well as a club house (overlooking the deck), a small store and clean washrooms;

Speaking of the store, they sell Kawartha Dairy ice cream;

The town of Bobcaygeon is about a 20 - 25 minute walk from this marina, but is only about a 5 minute bike ride or 10 minute dinky ride. There's all the shopping (and more) that you you would want. Heck, there's even a Timmy's there;

And non of the ladies would ever forgive themselves if they missed a chance to peruse the MANY stores that make up the Bigley's empire. This outlet, which just opened a couple of years ago, is located right beside the Bobcaygeon Lock;

This is a view of the bottom side of the lock;

Of course, everyone recalls the less than hot summer we just endured, so here's what is surely going to be an inspirational shot from summer's past. I took this one two years ago at this marina. And yes, that was the real temperature that day. Believe me, we had traveled from Lakefield and I had to jump in at every stop on the way. If my memory is correct, I went swimming in 5 different lakes that day!

Ok, here's where some of the adventure comes in. Anchor Girl and I had stayed at this marina 5 years in a row and, without exception, we had been hit with a major storm each time. The 'Hold The Dream' crew can back me up on that one! Here's a pic I snapped in '06 - just before all the snaps were blown loose on our canvas;

It's Saturday night when I'm putting this together, so that make's it movie night. So, here's some video for your dining and dancing pleasure. The first one is a panning shot taken from the deck at the marina, overlooking the marina;

This next one I took from the back of Boogaboo, panning from the marina towards and over Sturgeon Lake. If you think the lake looks as pretty as I do, leave me a comment on the Log Book!!!

Now, I know you're asking yourself if it was possible to see a video of Sturgeon Lake more lovely that the one you just watched, but I am telling you that yes, it is possible. You be the judge. And then join us at this very spot in 2009 . . . . .