Thursday, November 6, 2008

Summer In November

I know I'm probably gonna jinx it - but what a week we've had, eh? The weather this week was better than most of the summer. That & gas is back down to a reasonable price. Where the heck was THAT this summer?

Oh well, we made the most of it, despite the cool & rain and the silly fuel prices. At least beer didn't go up :-)

I was so impressed with the weather this week (mainly because the timing was perfect for an outside work project I'm involved with), that I stopped on the way home tonight to grab a picture or two and a quick video clip of the gorgeous evening twilight over Lake Simcoe.

Despite the mistaken date in the clip, this was taken today, November 6th (he wrote after the quick glance at the calendar). These were snapped right around the corner from home, at the old Keefer's Marina location on Cooks Bay.

For anyone who's visited this thing over the past week, you may have noticed that I had a 'Countdown To Relaunch Clock' posted, but it wasn't co-operating, so I took it down. I've looked for another one, but nothing (so far) that works in this 'blog' format. Maybe I'll get one posted on the main Rotten Row site, since that is where 92% of all the visitors to this blog come from . . .

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