Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, Chute!

For the 2009 boating season, a number of 'first timers' are looking forward to, seriously thinking about, or warily considering making the big voyage to Georgian Bay. As anyone who's made the trip - or has heard about it - knows that one of the highlights of making the journey for the first time is to 'go over the Chute'.

To help alleviate any apprehensions toward this marvel of boating technology, I've put together a little video montage of what it looks, feels and sounds like. Besides, it's fun for me to do these things;-)

Take note of the bangs and rattles as the marine railway shuttles down the tracks. If nothing else, it gets your attention. . .

Here's the Going Down portion of the journey;

Here's a shorter clip of us and the Von Analus family from the end of our '08 holidays, going back up. Listen towards the end for the thunder clap. Due to the storms in the area, we had been waiting TWO HOURS for it to settle down enough to safely run the railway. The photo at the top was taken as we hit the chute coming from Port Severn and you can see the dark clouds gathering. As you can expect, it was shut down again as soon as we reached the top - and put back in the water;

Coming up -I'll be sharing some video of the wildlife we witnessed at this very spot. Just a word to the wise if you plan to overnight here. Zip up your canvas before calling it a night . . .

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