Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wages On Water

A big thanks to all of you for the recent Log Book messages! Keep 'em coming!!

Here's your video request, Wevvy. Non other than 'Docked Wages Duex' doing a fly past. We took this back in August after the day at anchor in Chicken Harbour.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sun Sets On '08

Well, my friends, the sun has set on another boating season. With the snow this week and the decidedly colder friggen temps, I'm calling it. That's it - done, over and kaput. . . . . . . . The in water season, that is. I've officially started the year end video by reviewing the hours of tape I accumulated this time around. Right now, I'm downloading the better clips to my computer so that my brain can start working on the fun and memories for the video. Don't worry, it's not gonna be another snore fest like last year . . . But it is amazing how much film I accumulate during the year :-)

Speaking of the year end video, the official date for Frankie's February Follies Volume 8 has been picked. Set your cellphone datebook timers to Saturday, February 15th, 2009. Some of you guys already received the 'teaser' invites that Anchor Girl had made up, but keep a look out for the more creative ones going out in January.

And, of course, keep your eyes peeled to this site for all the latest updates. There's gonna be more than one reminder of the big event, so stay tuned!!

Lastly, I'd like to comment on the thin pickings on the Comments section and the Log Book. Come on, folks - it's not like Mr. Porker & I haven't been putting up our fair share of comment worthy crap - I mean thoughtful insights - up here lately. Let's hear FROM YOU! It's way easier to get motivated to post new pictures if we hear from the audience regularly . . . . (ALL CAPS IS OK TOO) A simple 'Howdy-Do' or 'Happy boating' or 'See you at Frankie's' would be great!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Now It's 'Grandpa Von Analus'

We have another new little baby to announce on the Dock Crocs Row - Check the Log Book for the details on stuff like names and whatever ;-) Hey - I'm just the technician around this joint.
Here you go there, Billie Sue;

Monday, October 20, 2008

This Just In

Here's a few photos that have been sent to me by the technically challenged amongst us. Seems that I've been entrusted with the task of sharing them with you. I have more, but here's a start. . .

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who saw the Big 'E' at the cottage on the weekend. Wevvy snapped this shot of Elvis & Dave on Graham's boat. And I thought these strange sightings only took place in Orillia. And February.

These next photos/video were all submitted by the Water Wings crew.
Given the fact that we saw the first SNOW of the season today up in The Wick, I figured it was a good time to reminisce about the beginning of the year when we were starting the massive renovations at the cottage;

Not only was it fun to be up there playing, but the ride in was pretty neat, too. Analus took this video of the 'snow plow' blazing a trail through the snow for the troops;

Here's the gang in Orillia, at the end of our holidays. We walked through town to look for Elvis stuff for the show at the Legion, but only found shark stuff for the Jimmy Buffet show at the park. . . . . Or was it shark on the buffet at the Elvis Restaurant? I always get those mixed up;

No, it WAS shark stuff;

Bringing Pugsly The Wugsly back from a tinkle run on shore. I can't remember what it was, but it appears that Wevvy & Graham were trying to make a point about something to me. Or point at me;

Billie Sue forwarded these shots that were taken by someone else that nobody knows, but we got them here anyways. The wonders of the internet :-)
This was one of the water spouts that was scene on Lake Simcoe on the day we were returning from the Big Chute to Orillia. We had rain & some lightning while we were travelling, but nothing like what you guys saw around Simcoe & Couchiching;

Apparently, these were taken around Beaverton;

Meanwhile, back at the Big Chute, we see the Commodore & Anchor Girl taking Boogaboo over the marine railway on that very same day (Aug 7/08);

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Weekend '08 (sniff, sniff)

This weekend marked the last weekend of our On Water boating season for 2008 :-(

We spent Friday night on the boat and spent Saturday doing the last pump outs and took the stuff off the boats for the winter.

I know it's a while to go until Frankie's February Follies Volume 8, but Elvis made a surprise visit to the cottage - to the great thrill of Anchor Girl!

Friday night's fire. Luckily, we still have some firewood left for the start of next year;

How many women does it take to move a barbecue? The girls move Sanja's BBQ over to her new slip. Now SunAria is in the same boat house as Freebird, Water Wings & Boogaboo, making one in three boats in that section a Sea Ray;

Graham comes along for the last pump out trip on Boogaboo;

Dave dropped by the cottage for a visit & took a ride on Freebird over to the gas dock. And back;

Anchor Girl straightened up & covered the wood pile so that hopefully it doesn't walk away over the winter;

Things look a little bare on the dock with the canvas removed from the gazebo;

Here's a 'before' shot of Sanja's new deck space, showing what it looks like before she does all them major renovation projects she keeps talking about;

Finally, I wanted to share the last 'Final' part (thank goodness) for the season. After this, I can start doing my review of the season, with all those hot, sunny & fun shots from the summer - or what we had for one. As 'Indian Princess' Paul calls them, those winter band aids ;-)

Last weekend, I recorded the final 'On Water Report' of the season. Be sure to take note of Graham in the background. If that's not the look of depression, I don't know what is . . . Get your tissues ready and have a (sniff, sniff) look for yourself - if you can take the drama;

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video To Orillia

Here's a video from the 'travel portion' of our Thanksgiving weekend adventure to Orillia. It's 5 videos, actually, but I put them together for a better, 5 minute viewing experience for all of you. . . . Feel free to leave a comment!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pefferlaw Turkeys

What an absolutely beautiful weekend! From Friday afternoon, right up to Monday evening we had the best weather imaginable for the middle of October and yes, I did capture another lovely sunset at the cottage;
On Saturday morning we headed up to Orillia for the day/night along with Free Bird. The lake was super calm & clear;
There were quite a few boats there for the weekend. No surprise, really, given the stellar conditions;
After our late breakfast at 'Bygone Days' restaurant, Graham & I took the dinkies out for a row around the Port. Guess where this shot was taken;
Evening at the Port;
Check the calm water over Couchiching. And the fall colours on the foliage;
Leaving Orillia out on Sunday. Another clear, sunny day;
The fall colours on the trees was beautiful, despite the fact that it signaled autumn upon us;
Crossing the lake, coming back into Chicken Harbour. What a nice sight, eh;
Sanja taking SunAria over for the last pump out of the season. Debbie & Graham went along for the ride;
Ahhhhh. . . . Yet another FINAL for the season, this being the final cleanup of the dinkies for the truck ride back home for the off season. Note the shorts and bare feet on the Commodore - it's October, man!
I must say that I'm sure glad Anchor Girl talked me into getting that little toy - it sure was alot of fun;
On Monday, we took Boogaboo out for one last spin to run the fuel stabilizer through and burn off some gas before the sneaky snowmobilers siphon our boats again. As you can see, Jennipher joined us for the first time out on the boat in a few years. Graham, Debbie & Sanja also came along for the ride - and a few pointers on the limitations of chartplotters :-)
On this trip we discoverred the passage to Virginia Beach and the Sand Islands, seen in the background;
We also got to see the Island ferry coming back from Georgina Island;
I guess taking the gang out for the last run is getting to be a tradition. . . Another great day & a great end to the season!!!

Thanks Giving on board Getaway 2

It was a fantastic day on Getaway 2 as we went to Barrie for THANKS GIVING Lunch.

And as we were coming back, we got to see the start of a beautiful sunset...All and all ...I think it was a beautiful end to a great boating year...I hope all of my friends at the Everglades had a wonderful Thanksgivings as well...Sincerely Captain Parker...Stephen that is...Stay safe til we meet again...