Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Freshly Roasted Videos

Did you see the newest feature, that being the Welcome Video I put up to the top right? Pretty spiffy, eh?

As threatened, here's some of them videos from them there corn roast from that there weekend of last . . .

Here's one from Friday, as some of the gang shows up for the weekend. It features everything from Sanja with her car loaded heavy with corn - to Wevvy's Heavy Chevy coloured like corn. Coincidence? I think not;

I also want to thank Wevvy for blasting past our house tonight (nice 'chirp' into second there, boy) with the Hot Rod. You'll like this one. And make sure to turn up the speakers - the exhaust sounds nice ;-)

Here's 2 minutes of pure fun. And food. And other things;

Lastly for this evening, I present one of the nicest sunsets we saw at the Cottage this season. Mucho enjoy-o;

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