Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy Boating Weekend! (Part One)

Wow - was that a beautiful weekend or what?!?!? I tell you, coming from the cold and windy spring to HOT & SUNNY boating weather sure was a treat. And did we ever pack allot of fun into two days!

Saturday - on the spur of the moment - Boogaboo, Submarings - I mean Water Wings - and Free Bird (with the crew of one from Hot-N-Spicy) all headed up to Gambridge Lock to buy our lock passes for 2008. Hey, now that we are so close by, it was nuttin, honey.

As well, I wanted Gray Ham to see what an easy trip it'll be for the Canada Day weekend trip to Fenelon Falls. And it was sunny & nice, so it make the day feel like we were on our summer holidays!!!

This first video clip is of Free Bird following us to the lock, with Water Wings just behind;

Here we are at the lock, getting ready to head back to the big lake (note, the dummy doing the commentary mistakenly identifies this as 'lock 42', when it really is lock #41. The producers of this blog would like to apologize for any inconvenience);

When we got back to the 'Chicken Harbour', as the locals call it, we headed into the shallow sandy spot, dropped anchor & jumped in for a s-s-s-s-sw-w-w-w-i-i-i-m-m-m-. Man, it sure was cold! Actually, with the temperature approaching 40 degrees, it was a welcome splash!! Watch the video to get the full effect;

Heading back into our slips back at the marina, Analous Von Brauweiller had a little mishap with his antennas. Both of them. Oh well, that's boating!


Anonymous said...

still trying

Anonymous said...

great video, maybe we will see guys this long weekend.