Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Roof Overhang

Today we got to finish up the roof overhang on the river side of our slips. Things are starting tio shape up nicely at the cottage these days, with the installation of the metal brakets (a couple of weeks back) & the main beam sections to be installed tomorrow for our HUGE deck we is constructing. Anchor Girl was nice enough (again) to bring the hard working crew fresh coffee & Tim Bits all the way from The Wick. A little later on, Debbie & Pat showed up, too. There was actually quite a few folks visiting their vessels up there today, with the beautiful sunshine we had. Met a few more of the locals & gave everyone fair warning about the Crazy Keswickians. From what we seen so far, this season is gonna be a HOOT!!!

Today we also cut out the opening that's on the land side of Boogaboo's slip. Here's a pic of that big deal. That's where the new deck is going to go to. Or more :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Roof Over Woubled Waters

Happy SPRING TIME!!! Well, the warm part is sure to come, soon. Promise. Anyone out there know how to make a 'fingers crossed' symbol?

The Boys headed off to The Cottage today to do some more improvements. This time it was a roof extension over 4 of our slips. As things was, the water side of the roof has some nasty rust lines on it, which, if our boats hang out too far, transfer themselves onto the swim platform, etc.. So, the 2' we added today will alleviate that concern.

Here we are, hard at it. Or, ah, Von Brauweiller appears to be hard at something else. Remind you of this years' FFF?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fire & Ice

Last weekend a bunch of us fools trekked through the snow to visit the boats at The Cottage. Wevvy showed up on his snowmobile doing 832 miles per hour. Yes, miles. The blur you see in this video clip is that thing happening, on the Pefferlaw River:

FIRE PART (AKA Winter Band Aid)

This clip was taken summer '07 around the fire, back in the Wick. Looks nice & warm & cozy. Heck, even Art managed to show up - and help out with the fire. Maybe (don't hold your breath) we'll see some pictures on this site from that joint next year . . . ?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

If I Had Money

If I had money;
I tell you what I'd do;
I' go downtown;
And buy a Mercury or two;
I'm gonna (did) buy me a Mercury & cruise Anchor Girl up and down the road . . .

What can I say? I needed another camera platform :-)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Done Yet?

So, are we done yet? C'mon, the snow has to stop some time?!?!? Last time I checked, we were less than 2 weeks from the first day of spring. Sure don't look that way, eh? Oh well, the count down clock is now down to the 50's in the days left column.

In the meantime, here's a couple of pcs taken from Kevin, the resident snowmobiler - who, ironically, can't do any snowmobilling these days due to a breakdown. Mechanical, not brain wise. While he isn't docking his wages, he dashes from hither to yon and snapped these photos of the Lake Simcoe Iceberg, located east of Georgina Island;

On with some summertime vids. Here's Part 2 (of 3) of the Rotten Row 2005 Year End Video;

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crap Happens

The last weekend at the Port of Orillia for 2007. Sounds so final, eh? Well, in case you haven't noticed, I am acutely aware of how fast time flies for all of us and one of my main inspirations for this whole web site thing is to try to get that message across to everyone.

Let's make the most of it folks! Before we know it, we're looking back on 'the good old days'. Guess what? These are the good old days! Again, Anchor Girl & I are sooooooooooooooooo looking forward to the upcoming season on the water!!! Actually, I'm hoping the relaunch clock slows down for a bit, as I'm wrapping up a number of pre-launch projects. Amongst them is replacing the the lower unit on one of my out drives (heading to Orillia this weekend to pick up the replacement - thanks for heads up on that one, Commander), bottom painting, building a roof extension (before the ice goes out) at the front of three slips at the cottage & finishing the brackets I'm fabricating for our new deck.

Phew, I'm gonna really enjoy some hang time once the boat gets back in the water. And the new cottage deck is finished. And the inverter & vhf radio are installed. And the carpet is redone in Boogaboo's cabin. And the carpet, electrical receptacle & lights are installed on the dock. And the new opening is built behind our slip.

Hmmmmm, what am I forgetting?? Fear not, A. G. is sure to think of something . . . Oh well, it's all good.

Ok, back to the VIDEO. Paul, this one's for you. Harbour Master, this one is for you, too. Everyone else - this one is for you, as well :-) The Port staff are coming around to collect the reservation thingies they put on the thingies. And this was the last time for the 2007 season. Like I said, time sure flies . . . . Enjoy (I hope).