Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year - New Look

Whatcha think of the new look for this Rotten Blog? Like Mr. Porker says 'Things change . . ' & felt this little blog was due for a bit of a face lift. I like it. In case you haven't noticed, this blog has pretty much taken over for the regular updates from the main site. Bottom line is that I've been toooooooooo busy to do the full fledged, multi photo updates there, but I think this mini site is filling in pretty good - don't you? After all, for the 6 or 7 regular visitors here, it should be enough.

Oh, by the way - yes, YOU can STILL upload YOUR photos, comments & stories here. If you are apprehensive about sharing your pictures on the internet, we would LOVE to hear your stories & comments. Nuff said.

If you have tried to upload a video clip (David the Younger - Happy B-Day, BTW), you can do it through this page, but make sure the clip is a maximum of 100 megabytes. If it's any larger,m you will have to use the Google Video Uploader, a completely painless exercise. And then your clips aren't limited by size - only the time you are going to spend doing the upload(s). YOU CAN DO IT. We'd love to see them.

If you don't have / want to send your own stuff, but find something good to share, you can embed video clips found on YouTube, etc. . . . That is really easy, once you've got the hang of it. If you want some insights on this stuff, just email me. I'll grab the $45.00 when I see you next ;-)

The Boat Show starts next week & I am really looking forward to that. I have a few items to pick up there, including a new anchor. Ahh, when I said pick up, I meant pick up and hand to A.G. - she can lug the heavy stuff around the show :-) The show traditionally marks getting over the winter hump and the downhill curve to re launch! By my calculations we are only three months to being back in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOO-HA!!! I'm already counting down the weekends I have to get my out drives painted & the preliminary work done at the Cottage for our new deck extension & stuff. We've already got a little pile of stuff ready to go back to the boat come spring time.

Soooooooooooooooo looking forward to getting back into it this year - probably more than any year past. I CAN'T WAIT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Speaking of change, I've been working on the year end video for Pfrankie's Pfebruary Pfollies Vol# 7 & (remember the name change for this year) & I was sure to include a little retrospective of the years gone past on Rotten Row. Don't worry, we'll have some Kleenex around to wipe the tears away. HA! Funny joke, eh?

Did I just say Volume SEVEN for the Follies (old spelling)?!?!? Where has the time gone??

on the lines of passing time, this coming January 20th will mark the 28th anniversary of Me & ANKORGRL dropping through the ice of Lake Simcoe aboard my non-floating1977 Ski Doo Olympic. And it was a Sunday back then, too. . .
I know the date of our unscheduled January swim because I looked it up in our original family boating / cottaging Log Book, which goes back all the way to 1975 - an incredible 33 years ago!! I don't know about you, but when I was a kid & someone talked about 30 years ago I thought that was like 12 lifetimes!! Man! I hope we can all look another 33 years into the future.

Ok, let's cut the sentimental crap. Here's the second clip for today. More silliness from Christmas in June/07. Remember, the word of the day was 'Recycle-ation'. Real quick on the subject of that event - I'm gonna need YOUR clips from the 2008 version, 'cause it looks like we ain't gonna be attending. . .

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