Monday, January 28, 2008

Fenelon Falls Lock

An incredibly exciting clip of 'Boogaboo' being masterfully brought into the deep well that is the Fenelon Falls Lock.

Speaking of Fenelon Falls, this coming Canada Day lands on a Tuesday this year, so A. G. & I are gonna be taking the Monday off as well and making it a 4 day long weekend.

With all this time to take advantage of, we are planing to do a mini trip to Fenelon Falls for that weekend. The working itinerary is to head to the bottom of Kirkfeild Liftlock on Friday (3-4 hours from home) & spend the night there. Saturday we would continue on to Fenelon Falls Marina (2 hours travel time) & spend Saturday & Sunday nights there. Monday, we'd head back homeward & stay the night at one of the locks before Lake Simcoe & head home on Tuesday.

As well, you don't have to worry about going through the lock that is in the video at the top of this entry. The marina is before the lock.

If YOU want to tag along, that would be great! Something to think about . . .

Here's some pics of the anticipated spots to whet your whistle;

View from F.F. Marina

Kirkfield Liftlock, bottom sideAnother view of the bottom side of Kirkfield

Finally, a look at Lock #39.
An gorgeous spot!!!

Here's A Google Map for the Fenelon Lock location:

View Larger Map

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