Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Winds A Blowin'

For the first time since the boats came out, we headed up to the cottage today to get the out drives off. Ya, that and make sure everything was still standing!

Well, we got the drives off our boats (Docked Wages, Water Wings & Boogaboo) and made sure everything looked secure. Pretty much all was where it was supposed to be. All except for Bob & Lorraine's dock shed. Sorry, Bob, but looks like the wind was a bit too much for that thing, but we were able to rescue parts of it. The main part is down at the end of the channel - right by 'It's All Good'. So, I guess it's a race to see who can get up there to claim it first - you or Dan. HA!

Here's some video of the 'rescue';

And some foolishness from the other thing I videoed. Listen, if you see your boat in either of these clips, leave us a message on the Log Book!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

YouTube Summer

An important update. Some dummy running this thing made an erroneous statement as to the date for Frankie's February Follies Volume 8. The ACTUAL date is Saturday, February the 14th, 2009. Hey, that's Valentines Day! What a coincidence . . . Sorry for the boo-boo, but I got mixed up with the stupid way the datebook in my cell phone is laid out (Monday - Sunday, as opposed to Sunday - Saturday, like the rest of the world does). D'oh!

Carry on. . . .

Through the power and fun of the internet and high quality YouTube video sharing capability, I present my favorite summer band aids. As an acknowledgment of the first day of winter, I wanted to share these beautiful reminders of summer.

If you notice, I'm using YouTube to host these videos, as they can be viewed in a higher quality than the usual Google Videos I've been mostly using up to now. Let me know what you think. Oh, and the funky orange and blue borders were my little additions . . .

The first clip I took with this day specifically in mind - a shot of the lovely sandy beach of Beckwith Island, in Georgian Bay. (Sorry, Paul, still no wind sock ;-)

Video #2 was also taken at Beckwith Island. I had just rowed us to shore (Hallelujah), as I had promised to take Anchor Girl to a sandy beach on our holidays. As this was our last day on The Bay, it was my last opportunity.

This one I took while we were anchored out on Chicken Bay (the gorgeous, sandy bottomed bay just outside of our marina), on July 5th. This was the very first time Anchor Girl & I had spent a night out on the water at anchor! Docked Wages, Free Bird & SunAria also joined us for what turned out to be one of the nicest weekends of the summer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter = Blah | Summer = GOOD!

First off, I wanna say to Dave (TLC) - thanks for rubbing in the whole 'I only have DAYS until retirement.' I know, your just trying to make the rest of us poor working slobs feel bad. . . . HA! Good news, man! I hope all your retirement days are sunny & filled with really good TV watching ;-)

Vern - good to read you are still alive! Geez, for a minute there, I thought maybe it was Mary sending me all those dirty jokes from your email address!!

Finally, Sanja, I see you are a little apprehensive about the big 50 mile trip to Bobcaygeon?? Don't sweat it - it'll be a breeze for your newly learned navigating talents. And great practice for the Georgian Bay trip a few weeks later. And the best part is that if you get off track, the most you're likely to hit on the way to Bobcaygeon is weeds - unlike the sharp, unforgiving rocks of The Bay . . . . D'oh! (Maybe shouldn't have said that - Graham might be reading this).

Good news - this coming Sunday is the first day of Winter - meaning that from then on, the days will be getting longer again!!

And, speaking of The Bay, and with today being a dark, crappy day & last week being so cold and crappy, I figured it was time for another summer band-aid.

So, without further adieu, here's a little something from Georgian Bay.
Check out the Map - and remember you can Zoom in & out of the map, move it around & CLICK ON THE LITTLE MARKERS for pictures and descriptions! Don't forget - there will be a test (in July).

View Larger Map

These pics were all taken at our anchorage in Beausoleil Bay, including the dusk shot at the top. Number one is Mr. Analus casting his rod behind the boat. And he also did some fishing. This is looking towards the north east, with the top of Beausoleil Bay - and Little Dog Channel in the background.

Looking back in the opposite direction, Scotty & Hunter enjoy a sunny day aboard the 'Maple Leaf'. The actual rock of McCabe Rock is what you see on the shore. There is also docking there for about 4 boats. When we were there, there was THREE 30' Sundancers parked on the docks - all the same as Boogaboo & Water wings. Go figure.
Anchor Girl & I took a dinky ride ver to shore for a garbage run. This shot was taken from the top of McCabe Rock, overlloking the Bay. Our boats are off to the right part of this shot. Pretty, eh? Eh?

Todays final shot was taken from Boogaboo, zoomed in to the north part of Beausoleil Bay. See the high rock cliffs? Nice.

This video clip was taken from the same spot, panning from west to east. Sort of.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coming Soon . . .

A real quick note to say that I am working on another update, which will be coming soon . . .

In the meantime, don't forget to look at the little video on the top right hand corner with the FFFvVII reminder! Less than 2 months to go!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ Talk to you all soon ~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2009 Bobcaygeon Rendezvous

The big rendezvous for 2009 has been set for Bobcaygeon on the Canada Day long weekend - July 1st to 5th, 2009. We hope YOU ALL can make it!

This is an open invite for any and all who would like to join us for the extended long weekend and make the trek to Bobcaygeon, on the Trent Severn Waterway. If you haven't already looked at the calendar for 2009, Canada Day falls on a Wednesday in '09 and we thought it would be nice to make an extra long weekend out of it and make a bit of an adventure of it, too.

Soooo, the plan is to leave home port on Wednesday, July 1st, travel to one of the locks of the night - probably Kirkfield Lift lock - then head to Bobcaygeon on the Thursday. The stay over at Bobcaygeon would be Centre Point Landing Marina for Thursday and Friday (days & nights). The only other option would be to stay at the lock there, but there is no water or hydro, so it was thought best to stay at the marina. Saturday would be time to head back towards Lake Simcoe, with a stay over for the night at one of the locks - probably #39, Portage Lock and back home on Sunday.

As incentive & inspiration to get as many to participate as possible, I've put a Google Map together that shows the route (from Pefferlaw) as well as a number of photos within the map. Just click on the little camera icons to see the photos - right where they were taken. You can also 'grab' the map by holding down the mouse to move it around. You can also zoom in and out of the map for more or less detail. For a larger map, just click on the 'View Larger Map' link at the bottom left hand corner;

View Larger Map

As well, I've got a bunch of photos and video clips from the route (the top photo on this posting is Centre Point Marina, taken from the water).

This is looking from the water front deck at the marina, overlooking the boat slips and Sturgeon Lake (great swimming):

This shot shows non other than Paul Von Analus standing on the marina's deck which, as you can see, extends right to the water's edge. They even provide BBQ's for the guests, as well as a club house (overlooking the deck), a small store and clean washrooms;

Speaking of the store, they sell Kawartha Dairy ice cream;

The town of Bobcaygeon is about a 20 - 25 minute walk from this marina, but is only about a 5 minute bike ride or 10 minute dinky ride. There's all the shopping (and more) that you you would want. Heck, there's even a Timmy's there;

And non of the ladies would ever forgive themselves if they missed a chance to peruse the MANY stores that make up the Bigley's empire. This outlet, which just opened a couple of years ago, is located right beside the Bobcaygeon Lock;

This is a view of the bottom side of the lock;

Of course, everyone recalls the less than hot summer we just endured, so here's what is surely going to be an inspirational shot from summer's past. I took this one two years ago at this marina. And yes, that was the real temperature that day. Believe me, we had traveled from Lakefield and I had to jump in at every stop on the way. If my memory is correct, I went swimming in 5 different lakes that day!

Ok, here's where some of the adventure comes in. Anchor Girl and I had stayed at this marina 5 years in a row and, without exception, we had been hit with a major storm each time. The 'Hold The Dream' crew can back me up on that one! Here's a pic I snapped in '06 - just before all the snaps were blown loose on our canvas;

It's Saturday night when I'm putting this together, so that make's it movie night. So, here's some video for your dining and dancing pleasure. The first one is a panning shot taken from the deck at the marina, overlooking the marina;

This next one I took from the back of Boogaboo, panning from the marina towards and over Sturgeon Lake. If you think the lake looks as pretty as I do, leave me a comment on the Log Book!!!

Now, I know you're asking yourself if it was possible to see a video of Sturgeon Lake more lovely that the one you just watched, but I am telling you that yes, it is possible. You be the judge. And then join us at this very spot in 2009 . . . . .

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Summer in Winter

Okay, so it's not actually winter yet, but with the snow and cloudy days, it seems more and more like it. Anyone liking the 'dark by 4:30' days?? Me neither. There has been a bit of ice forming on Cooks Bay, but nothing too serious. If you can believe it, I actually heard a go fast boat out on the lake a couple of weeks back. Those goofy die hard boaters. . . .

Before we get into the 'summer' part of this posting, I wanted to announce that we have another member of the Boogaboo family! On a sad note, we lost one of our two cats - Mr. Wiggles - back on Remembrance Day.

Yes, it was tough, as he had been with us going on 15 years and was a real part of the family. He was also a buddy of our other cat - Fester, who has been really sad and lonely since loosing his friend. A cat, sad and lonely you ask? Absolutely.

So, I'm happy to share with you all the little ball of terror we adopted this week. His name is 'Micro' and he's fitting in nicely to the Boogaboo home;
Mr Wiggles? Fester? Micro?? Who the heck comes up with these silly names? Anchor Girl? Commodore Frankie? Hmmmm . . . a mystery, for sure.

Alrighty then, on with tonight's show. All of the photos and videos in this post (except for fuzzy little Micro) were taken on the weekend of June 14th, 2008

Here's the cast and crew trying to dodge the cork that's about to fly from Sanja's champagne bottle during the toast to the official blessing of SunAria;

And we also have a video clip of the event (Stand back!);

On the Saturday evening, we took the dinkies for a ride out to the lake to see the sunset. This was taken at 8:00, as we were heading back in from the lake, right at the Peninsula Resort;

This next one is simply Graham - hamming it up on the dock. Yes, I am aware of the risks that I take putting myself in harm's way to get these shots, but it's worth it :-)

Tonight's final one I filmed with someone specifically in mind. Last year I got a message from the captain of the 'Indian Princess' thanking me for what he referred to as the 'winter band aids'. These were the warm summer scenes that I like to share with you all in the bleak winter days and nights. So, Paul, this one's for you;

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that I have been working diligently on the year end video and I'm happy to report that, as promised, things are shaping up to be a laugh filled review of the season. I'm glad that all my friends have a good sense of humour - we are all going to be using it come February! On that note, I also wanted to pass along a note that I'm in the midst of expanding the viewing area for the year end video. Yes, the hammer and wrecking bar have once again found their ways into the Boogaboo home. . . . It's no wonder that the off season goes so fast for me!

Hey! Less than ELEVEN WEEKS to go till Frankie's February Follies, Volume # 8! Be sure to keep an eye here - or both of them (sorry, Graham) - for updates & - for the first time ever - a preview of the year end video!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunny Days ~ Cameron Lake Sunset

It seems that this season the sunny days were few and far between. The same held true for the Canada Day Long Weekend, but we were fortunate enough to at least have a couple of nice sunset evenings out of the mix - one of which I'm highlighting in this posting.

As you may remember, the Freebird crew joined us for a trip to Fenelon Falls for the weekend. On the Sunday evening we were privileged to witness a glorious sunset over Cameron Lake. As we were staying at Fenelon Falls Marina, the view from the docks looks towards the northwest and the setting sun. Anchor Girl & I have spent more than one night here over the past few years and we've always had the good fortune of witnessing these sunsets on each journey. The top photo captures a bit of both Boogaboo & Freebird with the setting sun in the background.

The next shot is looking directly backwards towards the marina itself. Note the bright sunshine reflecting off the glass; Here's a bit of a - forgive the pun - 'reflective' sort of pic, with me both capturing the photo and the sun itself. For some reason, this shot brings to mind the song by Jim Croce ' Time In A Bottle' Why do I always bring up the notion that our time here is limited? Reflective, I guess . . . Figure that one out you'll realize why I take so many pictures. And why I love to share them;

Hey! Graham's taking a picture of us;

And somehow I got the picture he took. Look close & you'll see my video camera sitting on the dock at my feet. That's where the video clip came from;

Need I say any more;

You know I couldn't just leave the video alone. The original clip is about 10 minutes long, so I in initially edited down to overlapping sections. Check the clouds changing position as the time advances. The second part of the clip is the original 10 minutes sped up to 16 times speed. Cool? I think so. A waste of valuable time to put it together? I know it wasn't.

I hope you like the accompanying music. Enjoy;

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Georgian Bay Tour - Part Uno

Hello. Today, we begin the Tour Of Georgian Bay with not one, but TWO videos of the Midland Town Docks. Plus, for the first fifty visitors only, we are giving away some bonus photos - with absolutely no extra fees. And no salesman will call . . .

Midland is located within 30 - 45 minutes of Lock #45 of the Trent system & right around the corner from Penatanguishine. I'm working on a detailed Google Map with the local routes & distances and will post it in the coming days, as we continue with the tour.

The first bonus photo is the view entering Midland Bay from the north. Note the prominent stone piles to the east. The Town Docks are just past these mountains;

In this next picture, we see 'Boogaboo' berthed in the dock. The downtown part of Midland is seen in the distance. Similar setup to the Port of Orillia, with the docks located at the foot of the main drag;

Looking back westward, one can see the large murals painted on the ADM processing plant at the water's edge. The cruise boat 'Miss Midland' is berthed right across from this spot (when in port);

A northerly view captures the big piles of stone next to the docks. Central Marine is also seen in the shot;

We saw Jack & Erica there this summer, aboard the yacht 'Silver Cloud'. They were leaving the port & heading over to 'squeaky springs' beach on Beausoleil Island;

Here's a couple of videos. They are both basically the same thing - panning shots of the dock. One was taken in the clouds & one - you guessed it - in the sunny time.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kalifornia Dreamin'

Yes, this will be the final 'last of the season' posting by me.

Probably . . .

Last weekend, Graham & I finished off the winterizing & covering the boats for the season. And guess what? I have video!

It took a bit of finagling to get it uploaded, as there is some, ah, copyright audio material accompanying the visual parts and those pesky folks at Google & YouTube have some sort of policy against that type of behavior. So, some concessions had to be made (like you may see an advertisement along with the video), but it is now here for your entertainment and amusement;

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Summer In November

I know I'm probably gonna jinx it - but what a week we've had, eh? The weather this week was better than most of the summer. That & gas is back down to a reasonable price. Where the heck was THAT this summer?

Oh well, we made the most of it, despite the cool & rain and the silly fuel prices. At least beer didn't go up :-)

I was so impressed with the weather this week (mainly because the timing was perfect for an outside work project I'm involved with), that I stopped on the way home tonight to grab a picture or two and a quick video clip of the gorgeous evening twilight over Lake Simcoe.

Despite the mistaken date in the clip, this was taken today, November 6th (he wrote after the quick glance at the calendar). These were snapped right around the corner from home, at the old Keefer's Marina location on Cooks Bay.

For anyone who's visited this thing over the past week, you may have noticed that I had a 'Countdown To Relaunch Clock' posted, but it wasn't co-operating, so I took it down. I've looked for another one, but nothing (so far) that works in this 'blog' format. Maybe I'll get one posted on the main Rotten Row site, since that is where 92% of all the visitors to this blog come from . . .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, Chute!

For the 2009 boating season, a number of 'first timers' are looking forward to, seriously thinking about, or warily considering making the big voyage to Georgian Bay. As anyone who's made the trip - or has heard about it - knows that one of the highlights of making the journey for the first time is to 'go over the Chute'.

To help alleviate any apprehensions toward this marvel of boating technology, I've put together a little video montage of what it looks, feels and sounds like. Besides, it's fun for me to do these things;-)

Take note of the bangs and rattles as the marine railway shuttles down the tracks. If nothing else, it gets your attention. . .

Here's the Going Down portion of the journey;

Here's a shorter clip of us and the Von Analus family from the end of our '08 holidays, going back up. Listen towards the end for the thunder clap. Due to the storms in the area, we had been waiting TWO HOURS for it to settle down enough to safely run the railway. The photo at the top was taken as we hit the chute coming from Port Severn and you can see the dark clouds gathering. As you can expect, it was shut down again as soon as we reached the top - and put back in the water;

Coming up -I'll be sharing some video of the wildlife we witnessed at this very spot. Just a word to the wise if you plan to overnight here. Zip up your canvas before calling it a night . . .

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wages On Water

A big thanks to all of you for the recent Log Book messages! Keep 'em coming!!

Here's your video request, Wevvy. Non other than 'Docked Wages Duex' doing a fly past. We took this back in August after the day at anchor in Chicken Harbour.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sun Sets On '08

Well, my friends, the sun has set on another boating season. With the snow this week and the decidedly colder friggen temps, I'm calling it. That's it - done, over and kaput. . . . . . . . The in water season, that is. I've officially started the year end video by reviewing the hours of tape I accumulated this time around. Right now, I'm downloading the better clips to my computer so that my brain can start working on the fun and memories for the video. Don't worry, it's not gonna be another snore fest like last year . . . But it is amazing how much film I accumulate during the year :-)

Speaking of the year end video, the official date for Frankie's February Follies Volume 8 has been picked. Set your cellphone datebook timers to Saturday, February 15th, 2009. Some of you guys already received the 'teaser' invites that Anchor Girl had made up, but keep a look out for the more creative ones going out in January.

And, of course, keep your eyes peeled to this site for all the latest updates. There's gonna be more than one reminder of the big event, so stay tuned!!

Lastly, I'd like to comment on the thin pickings on the Comments section and the Log Book. Come on, folks - it's not like Mr. Porker & I haven't been putting up our fair share of comment worthy crap - I mean thoughtful insights - up here lately. Let's hear FROM YOU! It's way easier to get motivated to post new pictures if we hear from the audience regularly . . . . (ALL CAPS IS OK TOO) A simple 'Howdy-Do' or 'Happy boating' or 'See you at Frankie's' would be great!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Now It's 'Grandpa Von Analus'

We have another new little baby to announce on the Dock Crocs Row - Check the Log Book for the details on stuff like names and whatever ;-) Hey - I'm just the technician around this joint.
Here you go there, Billie Sue;

Monday, October 20, 2008

This Just In

Here's a few photos that have been sent to me by the technically challenged amongst us. Seems that I've been entrusted with the task of sharing them with you. I have more, but here's a start. . .

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who saw the Big 'E' at the cottage on the weekend. Wevvy snapped this shot of Elvis & Dave on Graham's boat. And I thought these strange sightings only took place in Orillia. And February.

These next photos/video were all submitted by the Water Wings crew.
Given the fact that we saw the first SNOW of the season today up in The Wick, I figured it was a good time to reminisce about the beginning of the year when we were starting the massive renovations at the cottage;

Not only was it fun to be up there playing, but the ride in was pretty neat, too. Analus took this video of the 'snow plow' blazing a trail through the snow for the troops;

Here's the gang in Orillia, at the end of our holidays. We walked through town to look for Elvis stuff for the show at the Legion, but only found shark stuff for the Jimmy Buffet show at the park. . . . . Or was it shark on the buffet at the Elvis Restaurant? I always get those mixed up;

No, it WAS shark stuff;

Bringing Pugsly The Wugsly back from a tinkle run on shore. I can't remember what it was, but it appears that Wevvy & Graham were trying to make a point about something to me. Or point at me;

Billie Sue forwarded these shots that were taken by someone else that nobody knows, but we got them here anyways. The wonders of the internet :-)
This was one of the water spouts that was scene on Lake Simcoe on the day we were returning from the Big Chute to Orillia. We had rain & some lightning while we were travelling, but nothing like what you guys saw around Simcoe & Couchiching;

Apparently, these were taken around Beaverton;

Meanwhile, back at the Big Chute, we see the Commodore & Anchor Girl taking Boogaboo over the marine railway on that very same day (Aug 7/08);

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Weekend '08 (sniff, sniff)

This weekend marked the last weekend of our On Water boating season for 2008 :-(

We spent Friday night on the boat and spent Saturday doing the last pump outs and took the stuff off the boats for the winter.

I know it's a while to go until Frankie's February Follies Volume 8, but Elvis made a surprise visit to the cottage - to the great thrill of Anchor Girl!

Friday night's fire. Luckily, we still have some firewood left for the start of next year;

How many women does it take to move a barbecue? The girls move Sanja's BBQ over to her new slip. Now SunAria is in the same boat house as Freebird, Water Wings & Boogaboo, making one in three boats in that section a Sea Ray;

Graham comes along for the last pump out trip on Boogaboo;

Dave dropped by the cottage for a visit & took a ride on Freebird over to the gas dock. And back;

Anchor Girl straightened up & covered the wood pile so that hopefully it doesn't walk away over the winter;

Things look a little bare on the dock with the canvas removed from the gazebo;

Here's a 'before' shot of Sanja's new deck space, showing what it looks like before she does all them major renovation projects she keeps talking about;

Finally, I wanted to share the last 'Final' part (thank goodness) for the season. After this, I can start doing my review of the season, with all those hot, sunny & fun shots from the summer - or what we had for one. As 'Indian Princess' Paul calls them, those winter band aids ;-)

Last weekend, I recorded the final 'On Water Report' of the season. Be sure to take note of Graham in the background. If that's not the look of depression, I don't know what is . . . Get your tissues ready and have a (sniff, sniff) look for yourself - if you can take the drama;

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video To Orillia

Here's a video from the 'travel portion' of our Thanksgiving weekend adventure to Orillia. It's 5 videos, actually, but I put them together for a better, 5 minute viewing experience for all of you. . . . Feel free to leave a comment!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pefferlaw Turkeys

What an absolutely beautiful weekend! From Friday afternoon, right up to Monday evening we had the best weather imaginable for the middle of October and yes, I did capture another lovely sunset at the cottage;
On Saturday morning we headed up to Orillia for the day/night along with Free Bird. The lake was super calm & clear;
There were quite a few boats there for the weekend. No surprise, really, given the stellar conditions;
After our late breakfast at 'Bygone Days' restaurant, Graham & I took the dinkies out for a row around the Port. Guess where this shot was taken;
Evening at the Port;
Check the calm water over Couchiching. And the fall colours on the foliage;
Leaving Orillia out on Sunday. Another clear, sunny day;
The fall colours on the trees was beautiful, despite the fact that it signaled autumn upon us;
Crossing the lake, coming back into Chicken Harbour. What a nice sight, eh;
Sanja taking SunAria over for the last pump out of the season. Debbie & Graham went along for the ride;
Ahhhhh. . . . Yet another FINAL for the season, this being the final cleanup of the dinkies for the truck ride back home for the off season. Note the shorts and bare feet on the Commodore - it's October, man!
I must say that I'm sure glad Anchor Girl talked me into getting that little toy - it sure was alot of fun;
On Monday, we took Boogaboo out for one last spin to run the fuel stabilizer through and burn off some gas before the sneaky snowmobilers siphon our boats again. As you can see, Jennipher joined us for the first time out on the boat in a few years. Graham, Debbie & Sanja also came along for the ride - and a few pointers on the limitations of chartplotters :-)
On this trip we discoverred the passage to Virginia Beach and the Sand Islands, seen in the background;
We also got to see the Island ferry coming back from Georgina Island;
I guess taking the gang out for the last run is getting to be a tradition. . . Another great day & a great end to the season!!!