Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blowin In The Wind

Ahh, the title reads 'blowin', Kevin - NOT 'blown'.

Ok, back to business. I forgot to include a short video clip with the recent Xmas In June '07 update. This was on the Friday evening, just after we pulled into Port. Actually, for anyone there at the time, it might have appeared that I was trying to pull into 'Lallygaggin', as opposed to our slip. My bad.

Check the flag at the end. Yup, she (the WIND) was blowing directly across our bow!

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docked~wages...crew said...

comodore you seem so happy at the new shall i say rotten row east different row not quite as rotten ??? maybe not yet but hey with more and more of the old crew movin in it,s gettin more rotten all the time and thats a good thing ,