Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Buncha More Pics

Five more photos for your amusement. If you happen to see yourself - or even someone you know - leave a message or comment for us all . . .

Frank (The Other) & Carol relaxing in Orillia. . . . I see your clothes have dried there, Frank.

Steve Everybody lives life on the edge by leaving the helm while approaching his maximum warp speed on 'Lollygaggin'.

Look! Actually more than 3 people up on the deck! Must have been a record for '07, eh??

Ya, I was retrieving the sprayer from the hose. I did get it & didn't even loose any body parts due to immersion in the green stuff.

Art, looking surprisingly perky for a Saturday evening.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Bunch-O-Pics #1

Have you added your vote on the Poll at the top right of this page? It'll be there for a week, then we can see the results. Maybe I should have started with a poll like; 'Do you think we should have a Poll?'

Hey! I fell down the well of internet hype & signed up for a Facebook account. So, if you are already a member & I haven't poked you yet, it's because I don't know you are there! If you are, I look forward to your Poke (it's an actual element of Facebook - really) or a scribble on my wall!

Just as a quick aside relating to my latest Facebook experience; as a member, one can join various 'Groups'. These groups are designed to bring together people with similar interests. Sure, sounds good. So I did a search for groups relating to boats/boating. Well, was I surprised to find a particular group called 'Motorboating' and subsequently discover exactly what the current description of Motorboating happens to be . . .

All I can suggest for the curious amongst you is to go to and do a search for videos containing the term 'MOTORBOATING'. I'm sure you will be, ahhhh, as surprised as I was. Have fun with that, Harbour Master ;-)

On with the show. Like the title says, I have a random bunch-o-pics to share from the 2007 season. Remember to click on the pictures to see them in all their glory.

In no particular order, here we go;

A morning sunrise over Couchiching from the Port of Orillia.

From the guy who supplied this 'shirt', the man himself strikes a striking pose. You'll have to wait until the year end video to see how the rest of us looked in that thing :-)

H.M. & Peetah share a chuckle at the fire

Wee Willy & Donna enjoy some cool lemonade at the Orillia boat show, back in August.

Verny-Werny better hope Mary doesn't see this one. Drinking straight out of the bottle - I mean really!

Debbie, Graham, Jack & Dave enjoying the 'Elvis Weekend' at Orillia.

One of the rare times that BOTH markers are visible on Long Shoal

It's Nick Nack Patty Whack!

Kevin - getting ready to catch something???

Thank you, thank you very much . . . That was a fun weekend!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blowin In The Wind

Ahh, the title reads 'blowin', Kevin - NOT 'blown'.

Ok, back to business. I forgot to include a short video clip with the recent Xmas In June '07 update. This was on the Friday evening, just after we pulled into Port. Actually, for anyone there at the time, it might have appeared that I was trying to pull into 'Lallygaggin', as opposed to our slip. My bad.

Check the flag at the end. Yup, she (the WIND) was blowing directly across our bow!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Docking School

Here's a neat time waster - ahhh, I mean Learning Tool :-) It's a 'Docking School' & it's both kinda fun & a little addicting.

Try your skill at:

Hint - the keyboard controls can be found by clicking on the 'CONTROLS' label at the top. Also, by hitting the keys more than once, you can increase or decrease your throttle.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Last Run(s) . . & Swim Of 2007

WOW! What another great weekend. Yes, we got two inches of rain Saturday & Sunday was friggen cold, but inbetween it all - and the wicked lightning show on Saturday night - we actually got to get out on the lake twice!

This first photo was from Saturday - when Sanja, Debbie & Graham joined us for a cruise around the bay to see what's out around our new home port. We actually cruised over towards Thorah Island, and right over to Beaverton. Man, it sure was beautiful, with the lake being calm & the sun hot. We just got back in to the marina when the thunderstorm hit. Cool.

What's everyone looking at in this picture? Today, we took the gang out for another little cruise and went really close to shore of 'Chicken Harbour' to find the sand bars that the locals keep telling us about. Well, I took Boogaboo close along the shoreline to check it out. The water is so clear there, that we all were wondering how deep it was.

Look a the next pic . . .

Only one way to find out - jump in! And I did. Sure, the water was cool, but not freezing. A super sandy bottom. Looks like a great spot to spend the day.

Man, we were all wishing it was the beginning of the season and not the very last day :-(

Looks like that's it for us, with the last pump out for the season happening today. Next week I'll take the rest of the stuff off the boat & winterize the water system. The boat should be coming out of the water the following week. At least I should then finally have some time to do a serious update on the web site.

Always looking for YOUR entries & comments & pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

docked wages announcement

as most know docked wages is moving on to a new owner like an old friend she will be missed ,lots of fun times with all our friends on rotten row , which brings us to part 2 of this announcement please join us in welcoming docked wages (2) to be launched in spring of 2008 ....if all goes as planned see you all in slip b16 ( i think ) at the glades .