Saturday, July 21, 2007

One More From The Road

One last post from Bobcaygeon, as we're taking off this morning to the next port of call & I think this is gonna be it for the internet connections for awhile (Thank goodness, Paul, we're all getting a little tired of this stuff . . .).

Just wanted to let know about yet ANOTHER little site I've started. Quick - Where are my pills?!?!?

It's a simple little blog dedicated to - wait for it - Boating! Check it out if you have time. Don't if you don't. Wish me luck with that one??? Here's the link:

Also wanted to show you guys how the boredom has started to affect us, as we have resorted to drawing little pictures on our body parts. I can't show you the art work I have accumulated ;-)

Current Total Floater Count : 6

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