Monday, July 30, 2007

Good To Hear From Ya'All

Sorry to hear about your continuing 'Broke Boat' syndrome there, Kevvy - maybe it's due to lack of use :-( Well, hope you are able to get away aboard Docked Wages for some hang time. It sure has been great to get away from it all!!!

We had thought we would make it to Orillia for the last weekend of our holidays, but it's so darned beautiful here in the Kawarthas, that we'll probably cruise around this area a few more days & head right back to The Wick at the end of the weekend. Besides, we're gonna be up in Orillia the following weekend to see Elvis (!!) & one can only spend so much time in the same place. Well, some of us . . . .

PARKER! Good pics there. But why does the guy with the MDG shirt remind you of . . . me? HA! I especially like the Sea Ray shot you got. No inside pictures?? Actually, we spent a few hours going through the locks yesterday with a couple from Florida who sold their house & cars and bought a new 38' Sundancer to live aboard it full time - right now they are doing the Great Loop cruise. He had some interesting long range cruising insights for us, too . . . but more on that later.

Speaking of ELVIS, here's a shot of him (with his little pig friends aboard Boogaboo, taken in Peterborough.

Tonight we're at Lakefield Marina - another beautiful spot to spend a couple of days. I've been in swimming about 6 times since we got here yesterday, as it's been so friggen hot!
It's cool (no pun intended) to swim here, as there's about a 1 - 2 knot current, so you just drift along. Here's a yet ANOTHER evening view that I took last night, sitting in this very spot where I'm writing this entry.

Oh ya, one day soon I'll be making a full time living doing this. . . .

Tonight's final thought of the day is that, yes, the Rotten Row Logbook seems to be on the fritz again! D'oh!! Oh well, there ain't much I can do about it right now. I think I might just shut that whole thing down from here on in, as it looked like it wasn't gathering the same interest it used too :-(

If anyone wants to add their thoughts (PLEASE DO!!!!), comments on these entries are alway welcome - or email me & I will send you an invite to become a full fledged blogger yourself! I'm sure you guys don't only want read what Kevin, Steve & I have to say - JOIN IN!!!
Upload pictures.
Make silly comments ;-)

The more the merrier!!!!

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