Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For The Birds

And their off . . . . . Hey Kevvy-Wevvy! Sounds like you're having trouble 'getting out of the gate', so to speak. What's broken now?? Well, by my watch you have 3 more days to get them parts installed and head out on the water - san souci.

Well, I didn't want top break our clean record up to now, but I know you'll be saddened to read that today wasn't the usual 'good time, good time, good time' that you have been reading about. To start off, we woke to lousy heat and sunshine & had to deal with that ALL DAY. That was tough enough, but then we had to return to Islandview Resort to suffer through yet more sunshine, heat and water for swimming. It was really hard for Anchor Girl to endure, but she somehow managed to take this pic of me suffering while swimming in the lousy waters of Clear Lake. Add to that the fact that I was then burdened with the task of cooking - on a BBQ!! And I'm almost ashamed to mention this part, but I was forced to open an ice cold beer and sip on it while starring at that disgusting water I mentioned before.

All in all, a pretty rough day. My only hope is that you can find a better time when your holidays start this weekend . . . Good luck, buddy . . .

Take a look at these magnificent animals. This is a nest of three osprey we spotted today, during our passage through Lake Katchewanooka. They certainly are majestic birds, seen flying - gliding, actually - high in the skies while they stalk their prey.

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