Monday, July 16, 2007

Boogaboo Holidays 2007

(I've added a couple more Sunset items at the bottom from Monday evening)

Day one of our on the road portion of the 2007 holidays.

I know you will all be soooooooooooo happy to see that I was able to connect to the internet on our very first day of travels :-)

Ok, ok - I know I'm pushing it, but if you're still reading, here's a few pics that mirror the excitement we have enjoyed up to this point. Click on them to expand to full size.

The first one is just heading out onto Lake Simcoe - how's that for Perfect conditions???

The second one is 'Boogaboo III' sitting on the blue line, waiting to lock through. Except for one lock, we were able to hit all of them on our own, which made the whole process easy. However, there was a fair bit of traffic heading in the opposte direction, so there was a wait for them to 'unload' at most of the locks - and a 20 minute wait at Kirkfeild Liftlock while the staff did some maintenance. All in all it worked out in my favour, as I never had to do the pee-pee dance :-)

This is a Close Encounter we had passing through the cut, just past Kirkfeild. These folks were so intimidated by OUR BOAT, that the captain actually started to back up! I tried to hail him on the radio, but no luck, so we just got closer and yelled for him to continue on (with a bit of speed, to maintain control) & we passed by each other without even a little clunk (above or below the water line).

This was the view a or current spot, Fenelon Falls Marina. A lovely little cloud passed by and left me no choice to to capture it - on film.

After the clouds passed & the wind died down, we had this wonderful sunset view for the evening. Seems like every time we come here, we get to enjoy these spectacular vistas.

After the sun was gone, the moon showed up. Take a look at the moon's reflection over the lake! Beautiful.

Finally, here's a video clip from our accommodation's at Fenelon Falls.

Chow for now.

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