Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Bobcaygeon Connection

Another marina, another internet connection ;-)

We headed out from Fenelon Wednesday and are now at Centre Point Landing Marina, in Bobcaygeon. The first photo shows the deck with a lovely view of the docks and Sturgeon Lake (+ A.G.).

A bit of rain overnight and cloudy today - a good day to do a lot of nothing. That is, unless your boat chores include laundry :-( At least we missed the heavy rain pounding they got in Peterborough yesterday afternoon.

I just had to share this one with you - Anchor Girl helping one of the Fenelon marina guys to bag a dead carp 'Floater'. Seems the kid was struggling to get the thing into a garbage bag by himself, so she jumped in to the rescue.

So far, the total observed Floater count is 5.

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