Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For The Birds

And their off . . . . . Hey Kevvy-Wevvy! Sounds like you're having trouble 'getting out of the gate', so to speak. What's broken now?? Well, by my watch you have 3 more days to get them parts installed and head out on the water - san souci.

Well, I didn't want top break our clean record up to now, but I know you'll be saddened to read that today wasn't the usual 'good time, good time, good time' that you have been reading about. To start off, we woke to lousy heat and sunshine & had to deal with that ALL DAY. That was tough enough, but then we had to return to Islandview Resort to suffer through yet more sunshine, heat and water for swimming. It was really hard for Anchor Girl to endure, but she somehow managed to take this pic of me suffering while swimming in the lousy waters of Clear Lake. Add to that the fact that I was then burdened with the task of cooking - on a BBQ!! And I'm almost ashamed to mention this part, but I was forced to open an ice cold beer and sip on it while starring at that disgusting water I mentioned before.

All in all, a pretty rough day. My only hope is that you can find a better time when your holidays start this weekend . . . Good luck, buddy . . .

Take a look at these magnificent animals. This is a nest of three osprey we spotted today, during our passage through Lake Katchewanooka. They certainly are majestic birds, seen flying - gliding, actually - high in the skies while they stalk their prey.

Monday, July 30, 2007

hey commoboar , glad to see you are having a good time having a good time , having a good time ..i think the blog record is stuck .... lol , must be no mutiny on board as i did not get the call..... oh well got some parts for the yacht today . hope to get her running this week . i did make it out into the bay at least before all went to &*%^& , oh well . holdays start fri noon ..ready set go ...

Good To Hear From Ya'All

Sorry to hear about your continuing 'Broke Boat' syndrome there, Kevvy - maybe it's due to lack of use :-( Well, hope you are able to get away aboard Docked Wages for some hang time. It sure has been great to get away from it all!!!

We had thought we would make it to Orillia for the last weekend of our holidays, but it's so darned beautiful here in the Kawarthas, that we'll probably cruise around this area a few more days & head right back to The Wick at the end of the weekend. Besides, we're gonna be up in Orillia the following weekend to see Elvis (!!) & one can only spend so much time in the same place. Well, some of us . . . .

PARKER! Good pics there. But why does the guy with the MDG shirt remind you of . . . me? HA! I especially like the Sea Ray shot you got. No inside pictures?? Actually, we spent a few hours going through the locks yesterday with a couple from Florida who sold their house & cars and bought a new 38' Sundancer to live aboard it full time - right now they are doing the Great Loop cruise. He had some interesting long range cruising insights for us, too . . . but more on that later.

Speaking of ELVIS, here's a shot of him (with his little pig friends aboard Boogaboo, taken in Peterborough.

Tonight we're at Lakefield Marina - another beautiful spot to spend a couple of days. I've been in swimming about 6 times since we got here yesterday, as it's been so friggen hot!
It's cool (no pun intended) to swim here, as there's about a 1 - 2 knot current, so you just drift along. Here's a yet ANOTHER evening view that I took last night, sitting in this very spot where I'm writing this entry.

Oh ya, one day soon I'll be making a full time living doing this. . . .

Tonight's final thought of the day is that, yes, the Rotten Row Logbook seems to be on the fritz again! D'oh!! Oh well, there ain't much I can do about it right now. I think I might just shut that whole thing down from here on in, as it looked like it wasn't gathering the same interest it used too :-(

If anyone wants to add their thoughts (PLEASE DO!!!!), comments on these entries are alway welcome - or email me & I will send you an invite to become a full fledged blogger yourself! I'm sure you guys don't only want read what Kevin, Steve & I have to say - JOIN IN!!!
Upload pictures.
Make silly comments ;-)

The more the merrier!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

holidays must be comin , boat broke again

hope to get boat fixed again . going on holidays this friday noon ... maybe going to orillia ... if anyone else is up that way hope to see you... ok chow for now gotta go get some tools out .

Saturday, July 28, 2007

52' Sea-Ray

Paul ...did I mention ....I put a down payment on a new Boat......10 thousand a year , for the next 50 years...But what the heck....It is a 52'er after all.

This boat was part of the poker run out of Orillia. It was also docked 5 feet behind mine....anyone got an aspirin.....

Show Time(s)

Currently at Peterborough. Last night, as part of the Festival Of Lights, we saw a tribute band doing all Bee Gees stuff & Wednesday evening it was the actual band Nazareth. But tonight is the one that Anchor Girl has been really waiting for - a tribute to The Man In Black, Johnny Cash!

The internet connection here is spotty so when I get a better connection I'll upload some video clips, as I know you are eagerly anticipating that :-)

This next pic is one that A.G. took of me, being questioned by the OPP (why is that I always seem to run into those guys lately?) at Young's Point.

Ya, there was couple of kids that kept racing past the marina in their little boats. Well, by Sunday night Keith (the owner of the marina) had enough and, well, sort of took matters into his own hands. . . . So, the cops showed up & I offered my side of the story as a witness. All good in the end, and we even ended up having a few beers that night with Keith & entertained his little guy, Ryan, aboard Boogaboo.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Young's Point

Despite having to pass through 'Hell's Gate', round 'Hurricane Point' and pass too many dead carp on Pigeon Lake, we successfully transited from Bobcaygeon to our current location, Young' Point. This place is really nice. The marina, Islandview Resort, is positioned right above the Young's Point Lock and has a restaurant and THE NICEST WASHROOMS in a marina, period. And the view is spectacular. This pic is a look from the back of Boogaboo.

Here's a video clip I took of last night's beautiful evening sky last night, looking over Sturgeon Lake:

Total Current Floater Count: 31

One More From The Road

One last post from Bobcaygeon, as we're taking off this morning to the next port of call & I think this is gonna be it for the internet connections for awhile (Thank goodness, Paul, we're all getting a little tired of this stuff . . .).

Just wanted to let know about yet ANOTHER little site I've started. Quick - Where are my pills?!?!?

It's a simple little blog dedicated to - wait for it - Boating! Check it out if you have time. Don't if you don't. Wish me luck with that one??? Here's the link: http://thewaterway.blogspot.com/

Also wanted to show you guys how the boredom has started to affect us, as we have resorted to drawing little pictures on our body parts. I can't show you the art work I have accumulated ;-)

Current Total Floater Count : 6

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Bobcaygeon Connection

Another marina, another internet connection ;-)

We headed out from Fenelon Wednesday and are now at Centre Point Landing Marina, in Bobcaygeon. The first photo shows the deck with a lovely view of the docks and Sturgeon Lake (+ A.G.).

A bit of rain overnight and cloudy today - a good day to do a lot of nothing. That is, unless your boat chores include laundry :-( At least we missed the heavy rain pounding they got in Peterborough yesterday afternoon.

I just had to share this one with you - Anchor Girl helping one of the Fenelon marina guys to bag a dead carp 'Floater'. Seems the kid was struggling to get the thing into a garbage bag by himself, so she jumped in to the rescue.

So far, the total observed Floater count is 5.

Monday, July 16, 2007

boat is finally fixed

summer is well under way and with all the busy times and home projects almost finished and the boat is fixed , i just got back from a trip back to my old stomping grounds with the little man . hope to see you all at the row .
happy boatin

Boogaboo Holidays 2007

(I've added a couple more Sunset items at the bottom from Monday evening)

Day one of our on the road portion of the 2007 holidays.

I know you will all be soooooooooooo happy to see that I was able to connect to the internet on our very first day of travels :-)

Ok, ok - I know I'm pushing it, but if you're still reading, here's a few pics that mirror the excitement we have enjoyed up to this point. Click on them to expand to full size.

The first one is just heading out onto Lake Simcoe - how's that for Perfect conditions???

The second one is 'Boogaboo III' sitting on the blue line, waiting to lock through. Except for one lock, we were able to hit all of them on our own, which made the whole process easy. However, there was a fair bit of traffic heading in the opposte direction, so there was a wait for them to 'unload' at most of the locks - and a 20 minute wait at Kirkfeild Liftlock while the staff did some maintenance. All in all it worked out in my favour, as I never had to do the pee-pee dance :-)

This is a Close Encounter we had passing through the cut, just past Kirkfeild. These folks were so intimidated by OUR BOAT, that the captain actually started to back up! I tried to hail him on the radio, but no luck, so we just got closer and yelled for him to continue on (with a bit of speed, to maintain control) & we passed by each other without even a little clunk (above or below the water line).

This was the view a or current spot, Fenelon Falls Marina. A lovely little cloud passed by and left me no choice to to capture it - on film.

After the clouds passed & the wind died down, we had this wonderful sunset view for the evening. Seems like every time we come here, we get to enjoy these spectacular vistas.

After the sun was gone, the moon showed up. Take a look at the moon's reflection over the lake! Beautiful.

Finally, here's a video clip from our accommodation's at Fenelon Falls.

Chow for now.

Thursday, July 5, 2007