Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time Passing

Lets call this ..." TIME PASSING" I sat on the dock today. Thinking of things that use to be. Like when I first came to this marina,and of the people and of the boats that have gone their own way.
I sat on the dock today.Thinking of friends and parties gone by.Like the Thanks giving dinner we spent in the small room.And the bucket of KFC that went its way.
I was sitting on the dock today.Thinking of people that I have met while boating.I can't say I regret meeting anyone of them.Because, each and everyone is great in a speacial way.
I was sitting here on the dock today.Giving thanks to all my boating friends,Thanks for all the fun we've had, Thanks for the memories,And Doc of the Bay.
YES. I was sitting here on the dock today.I want to thank my friends for making boating fun.Thank you Paul D and Wife Jackie, thank you Bill And Lynda, Kevin and Syl.Thank you Graham and Debbie, Dom and Sheron, Dave and Cheryl, and Thank you Sanya, Pat and Steve,(everybody)Paul B and Marie, I just want to thank you all for allowing me to feel this way....
I was sitting on the Dock today.....Watching time Passing....
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