Tuesday, May 8, 2007

R&R Site still not taking messages

Here is the second official message on the site this year...Well we are back, but you'll have to forgive the mess, As of yet I am still finishing the home chores, so I can spend more time at the boat this summer. I would like to thank John for welcoming us back. But sorry to see Debbie and Graham go. But as Popeye says.....ya's gotta do's whats ya's gotta do's.....unquote.....AK, AK,AK.......So come May 24, will start the official return of Getaway 2.....I'll bring the marshmallows........til then.....Cap P tan Porker out.

This is the message I tried to post on the site ......But again "TO NO AVAIL "

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Commodore Frankie said...

Stevie - Take a look at the message on both the Logbook and the Rotten Row main page. Should help you out.